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Tween Girls' Comforters & Bedding Sets

Updated on November 18, 2014
Image credit: Fun purple smile face bedding set for tween girls shown here is available below.
Image credit: Fun purple smile face bedding set for tween girls shown here is available below.

It's All About Fun: Bedding & Decorating for Tween Girls

Tween girls--aged 10, 11 and 12--are right there in between that child who cherished that cute little deer, seemingly just yesterday and full blown [shudder] teenager. Indeed, somewhere (last week, maybe?) your tween's passion went from Bambi-the-deer to Bieber-the-dear; all those cute forest friends somehow morphed into annoying critters.

Decorating for your tween girl's bedroom needn't be like groping through uncharted territory without a map . . . while barefoot in snow up past your patellas and carrying a full-up basket upon your head. Well, that isa 'bit' of a stretch but you can manage quite nicely with a few of my decorating tips.

Scroll down to peruse those fun and funky bedding sets for your finicky tween girl and get started on fun adventure you'll both appreciate!

Setting the Stage: Bedding & Your Focal Point

Using Bold Colors to Make that 'Wow' First Impression

Starting off on a good note when decorating begins with a strong focal point, one that contrasts with the wall color. Ideally, since the bed is the room's largest piece, fabulous bedding will make it a showpiece while introducing your tween's style.

I suggest bold colors with strong patterns for best results, as everything else you introduce into the space should support the room's color, style and/or theme with ease. Really invest as heavily in your bedding as your budget allows, since the bed has quite the job to do in making a first impression.

Here's a few bedding sets that can work well in your tween girl's bedroom. The bright oh-so-popular, turquoise and teal lend to a fun, crisp vibe in the space and can work well when paired with white walls if painting is out of the question.

Sticking to Your Decorating Budget - Comforter Sets for Us Budget Conscious Moms & Dads

LINK IS BELOW to this enlarged image of tween-friendly peace sign with turquoise and hot pink hues.
LINK IS BELOW to this enlarged image of tween-friendly peace sign with turquoise and hot pink hues.

Saving on Your Decorating: the Thrill o' the Hunt

Bedding is often a bedroom's most important contributions. Ideally, your chosen comforter or duvet set is plush and has the inviting look you need in your space to create a warm and welcome ambiance--even tween girls need a cozy retreat at day's end.

But just as your bed set needs dimension with proper layering of related pieces, your budget is important, too--and we all have one, as much as we don't want to broach the subject. I was happy to find the collection of comforters and other bedding sets here that are quite budget-friendly (dare I say, 'cheap?') but still offer the visual, dimensional, poshness and design fitting of more expensive bedding pieces.

If you're willing to take the time and look a bit extra to save a bunch, there's always a look-alike that will serve your space well in form and function. Add a few DIY projects, and you'll have a space that looks and feels great for less.

That's what I call 'the thrill of the hunt.'

Tween Girls Bedding Set for Under $50: Purple and Lime Green Comforter Set

While I mentioned above that it's a good idea to go as lavish as possible with your bedding, keeping to your budget when redecorating can easily spiral above your planned allotment I didn't mention how you might get there with your own decor.

I love finding model rooms that inspire me, ones with color, style or even rooms with just one piece I can't 'live' without. What I do, is make a collection where I save images either on the computer or from home decor magazines, so I don't forget and can remind myself of what to look for when I have a spare minute. Find a process that works for you and keep your eye out when doing other things or you're out and about in stores; you just never know what you'll run up on.

I've been guilty of too many indulgences always regretted any impulsive spending. But luckily we can curtail overspending by finding that less-expensive look alike.

I always preach defining what it is exactly you love about the bedding set or accessory and perusing the internet for that 'one-of-a-kind' piece that suddenly has plenty of company with less-expensive twins.

Accessorizing Your Tween's Bedroom

3-Piece Orange & Pink Comforter Set

When you begin your decorating venture with a fabulous bedding set in your tween girl's favorite color, accessorizing is easier. With this orange bedding set (assuming orange is your tween's fave), adding wall art, window panels and the like, with orange in different hues adds to the room's energy.

Conversely, if turquoise is your tween's passion, keeping to similar blues makes for a tranquil setting. Not everything need have like colors, you can have great results adding colors here and there that are opposite the color wheel.

You might even incorporate colors you've pulled from the bedding set--even if it's just a tiny splash; as doing so will highlight that little bit of surprise color.

Keep it fun!

Going Frou Frou in Your Space - Chique Boutique Designs

Turquoise and Lime Bedding Set
Turquoise and Lime Bedding Set
Mi Zone Katelyn Comforter Set Full/Queen Size - Lime Green, Coral, Damask – 4 Piece Bed Sets – Peach Skin Fabric Teen Bedding for Girls Bedroom
Mi Zone Katelyn Comforter Set Full/Queen Size - Lime Green, Coral, Damask – 4 Piece Bed Sets – Peach Skin Fabric Teen Bedding for Girls Bedroom
A boutique-like ambiance is a popular tween girl choice. Opting for frilly comforter sets is a great start. Bathe walls in a pastel you pull from the bedding; choose a slightly lighter tint for lighter color bedding and several shades lighter for darker hues. Chandeliers make ideal lighting for a boutique setting as do ornate picture frames you paint in hot pink, lime green, black or turquoise for a shabby chic retreat. Choose an hourglass accent or dressing chair and for a budget-friendly night stand, paint a thrift store find in white, then sand through the corners and edges for a distressed look. The frilly bedding sets I've featured here, easily support such a theme. Add a shag area rug and you've one fabulous boudoir!

Rainbow Colors = More Options

See this Bedding Set's Infor:
See this Bedding Set's Infor: | Source

My Favorite Recommendation:

Fun Tween-Friendly Animal Print in Rainbow Leopard/Cheetah

l was happy to find this 'Deal O' the Day' comforter set in rainbow leopard/cheetah.

I'm using leopard and cheetah interchangeably, as they're very similar. Leopard is more 'rosette' while cheetah is spotty. In any event, tween girls love animal prints and the rainbow colors keep the set a bit on the young side.

Accessorize in any of the colors in this rainbow and you're good to go.

I like the idea of dressing your tween's windows with low-cost sheer panels in the same color order as the comforter set. I've found several sheer panels on Amazon for under $15 per pair.

The low price, high visual interest and endless accessorizing possibilities make this fun, cool and funky tween comforter set my fave!

Decorating for Now & Later: Getting the Most from Decor - Cute Tween-to-Teen Comforter Ideas for Girls

Here's the LINK:
Here's the LINK:

Animal Prints: Keeping Them Cool

Bedding on a Budget: Big on Impression, Not on Price

Tween Girl Cute Owl Lime Green & Pink Bedding Set
Tween Girl Cute Owl Lime Green & Pink Bedding Set | Source

Ideas for Dressing Your Tween's Windows

l love to dress windows. Often, I see bedrooms with matching bedding and coordinating window panels. I'm not a fan of matching all the textiles in one space; if you've seen one piece, you've seen 'em all in the room. These extra pieces only work to dilute the impact and energy of the bedding on the eye.

I've featured this cute owl comforter set as a prime example of how using like window treatments would overwhelm the bedroom. Imagine having two window panels emblazoned with cute owls.

In my visual spectrum, I see one very crowded bird cage housing cute little owls turned pesky critters. It would be just too much, too soon on the eye. Once you've seen the bed, the window panels are hardly an added treat.

Cute little owl become curt, big OWs.

Instead, 'corral the critters'--and your urge to be matchy-matchy and opt for solid color sheer panels like I mentioned above (that are available often for under $15 per pair).

I like the idea of pulling colors from the bedding to dress your windows. Using this bedding set as an example, go for lime green paired with pink solid color sheer panels hung side-by-side for a nice two-tone touch that's easy on the eye.

Remember, less is more.

Your Girl's Decor Style: Fun or Funky? - Cool and Cute Tween Bedding Design Ideas

Girls Teen Pink and Brown Geometric Circles 7 Piece Comforter Set Size: Full
Girls Teen Pink and Brown Geometric Circles 7 Piece Comforter Set Size: Full
You know your tween girl (although I've had my doubts about my own kids at times) and she's either the "Oh, how cute!" type or "Totally cool!" Either way, you know there's plenty of bedding styles to go around; getting it right is the tricky part. If your tween is totally unique and a bit artsy, you might want to go with a solid comforter: one that's reversible is ideal, as she can add her own accessories--however unique. I've featured a good mix of cute-to-cool bedding sets for your tween to choose from so you'll have an idea of what direction your decor scheme should follow. In all, have your tween list her favorite color, choice of wall art and her preferred lighting. Using her list, decide on your girl's bedding set first, then follow with wall color and accessories. Once the bedding is in place, you're off and running! Trust me, you'll actually enjoy the rest. Have FUN!

How old is your tween girl?

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