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Underwater-themed Kids Rooms

Updated on June 10, 2020

Ocean Themed Marine Bedroom Ideas For Kids

Looking for ideas on an ocean-themed room for your kids? Want wall murals of sea life? Plush ocean creatures toys to litter the bed? A pirate's treasure box or a giant clam to stow toys in? Painting ideas? Funky jellyfish lighting? All these ideas and more are here. See what I've managed to reel in while surfing the internet for ideas on an underwater kids room design.

Wall Murals

Some people have taken the time to do hand-painted murals in their kids rooms! The Offbeat Mama is one of them, with sea turtles, crabs, dolphins, sharks and sailfish.

Julie Costanzo Art has some great offerings too. She's even managed to incorporate Nemo and Dory in there!

Handpainted murals from the Offbeat Mama - Room redo for under $100!

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Playroom Murals from Kids Party Time - Even a sandy bottom for this room

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Julie Costanzo - Professional Fine Artist For Hire

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Modern and Somewhat Abstract Ocean Designs

If you don't fancy trying out mural painting on your own or are looking for a more stylized approach, these wall murals are somewhat abstract yet still ocean worthy.

Sea-worthy Background

Start with blue walls.

I found this cool jellyfish lamp in a photo taken at the Newport Aquarium in in Newport, Kentucky I've also found some other very cool lamps on Amazon which are shown below. I think with a little creativity, you could probably even craft your own. Always be careful with light though and be sure there are no fire hazards if you decide to make your own jellyfish lamp.

Probably the safest bet would be to attach tassles to a premade lampshade.

Another fantastic find (although probably outside most budgets) were these porcelain jellyfish by coe&waito. You could always use this for inspiration and make your own plush versions.

I've managed to fish up a few jellyfish on Amazon for sale. These jellyfish don't light up and they're not porcelain, but they sure would look cool hanging from your kid's bedroom ceiling at varying heights.


Can be beige carpet, rocky tile, painted flooring or bright shag rugs

Mermaid Art

Little boys may love their sharks, but girls usually prefers mermaids. Come to think of it, what little girl doesn't want to be a mermaid? I've found a few wall hangings and murals here with mermaids on them. They're in a variety of mermaid styles, even including Ariel for her die-hard fans.

Sandcastle decor

I've looked all over online and have not found a sandcastle bed. What I did find though was this design sketch from one of my favorite blogs, Kidtropolis. Kidtropolis is a custom construction company specializing in custom fantasy room designs for kids.

Plush toys to adorn the bed

This would look especially cute on a sancastle bed, but any bed would look more marine with this critters adorning it. Your kid will be happily sleeping with the fishies (and crustaceans) when you get these toys. Just be sure the child is old enough to handle sleeping with stuffed toys - its not recommended for infants.

A shark to gobble up dirty laundry

My little boys LOVE sharks. They don't love picking up their dirty laundry so much though. Maybe they'd like it better if they could feed a shark when taking off their dirty clothes with this Shark Hamper. Cute idea, hunh? Somehow though, I just see all the laundry thrown on the floor while they play hide-n-seek in this baby. Who knows though, it might work!

Sea Worthy Drawer Pulls

There are so many whimsical drawer pulls around today. I came across a bunch of them at Look what I found!

What a better way to stow your kids toys then with a pirate's treasure chest? Here are a few I found on Amazon that serve both budgets: there's plastic and real wood. Alternately, you can purchase a plain chest and paint it up with skulls & crossbones..

Clamming up

Another cute idea I had for storing toys is with giant clam shells. I looked all over online and the only one I could find is a shell toy box from Pipsqueaks online.

The only problem for me would be that Pipsqueaks is located in New Zealand and I'm in the US. Maybe this could be an interesting project for a woodworker.

Martha Stewart is always at the ready with craft ideas. For this one, she suggests putting the sea shells your little beachcombers found over the summer to good use in dioramas. Looks like she's included some plastic fish and crabs there too. You could make this even more personal with your kid's artwork, photos and other souvenirs, shadow-box style.

Decorative Seaside Lighting

In case you want to light things up a little around the room, here are some hanging lights and night lights I found on Amazon, ready to perfectly complement the room.

Flotsam by David Weisner
Flotsam by David Weisner

Steampunk For Kids

I was introduced to the book Flotsam by David Weisner when reading the article Steampunk For Kids as published by The Steampunk Home. It describes a "magical undersea worlds inhabited by cities floating on turtle backs, blowfish hot air balloons, octopuses reading the paper in their living rooms with lamps made from electric fish. All without a single word."

This sounds like a source for inspiration if not just a good bedtime story!


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