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Using Autumn Silk Flowers in Your Home

Updated on November 26, 2011

Your indoor accent decor for the autumn season should reflect the natural changes occurring outdoors. Using high quality artificial flower arrangements is a wonderful way to capture the glorious colors and textures of the autumn season in your home, and your investment can be used for many years to come.

Start with your front door. A wreath of silk “dried look” hydrangeas or a mix of autumn colored leaves, sticks, and berries sets the tone for what’s inside while making a most welcoming impression.

Your dining room table is an important gathering place for the autumn season, and in particular, for the Thanksgiving holiday. Choose a dining table centerpiece that reflects the autumn harvest colors of the season and, coordinates with your tablecloth, napkins, and candles. Earthy tones, mixed with deep saturated yellows, oranges, and reds are usually the most appropriate. Silk arrangements that include berries, apples, pomegranates, or gourds, mixed in with flowers and foliages, will create special interest from your guests.

Most family rooms have a casual, comfortable feel. Select arrangements and plants that are designed in a casual, natural way to add to that sense of comfort. A mantelpiece of harvest flowers and foliages is a good place to start, complimented by a wreath designed with the same coloration. Then add to the look with a fireside floor arrangement designed with seasonal grasses. You will be amazed at how your family room will come quickly to life.

A great way to add a finishing touch to your kitchen for the fall is artificial fruit. Decorative pomegranates, apples, or pears, in a rustic bowl or basket, will create a harvest feel on your kitchen counter top or table. Select fruits that are colored to compliment your other kitchen decor.

Not only are today’s high quality silk flowers, foliages, and fruits near-perfect replicas of the natural, but they last for many, many years. Even during the dull and gray winter months your investment in silk flower arrangements and artificial plants will keep your home feeling warm and cheery. A light dusting every now and then and a once-a-year spray with a silk flower cleaner is all that is required to keep your faux floral arrangements looking their best.



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