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Vaastu Shastra

Updated on August 7, 2019
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Vaastu Shastra Elements

Vastu Shastra Elements
Vastu Shastra Elements | Source

About Vaastu Shastra

About Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is basically an Indian architectural science studied and invented by Ancient Indian Scientists (Rishi) thousands of years ago. They wrote ancient Sanskrit scriptures called the Vedas, with an objective of providing a quality living for people. This knowledge of science can be applied anywhere, anytime, where one is living or working and get its benefits. For living a perfect life, we all need enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment.

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient technology/ science of directions that combines all the five elements (Panchbhootas) present in the nature. Elements are – Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky. Vaastu Shastra helps to get healing benefits from these five elements. Our planet has life because of the presence of these elements. The science of vaastu adds value to one’s life and brings in peace and prosperity.

We can be prosperous and live in harmony by eliminating negative energy and enhancing positive energy. Living a stress-free and satisfied life is possible only when the house you live has the positive vibes. History and experience shows that houses or workplaces constructed by applying principles of vaastu, results in more prosperous, happier and peaceful. There’s a science or a logical reason behind its principles. Here’s a fact that just may come as a surprise to you – Its experimented and hence proven that having windows to the north would get more light in the south and many more logical facts we experienced and we will be sharing in our blogs.

Take a Tour of both the sectors – Residential and commercial, where we have mentioned few basic tips for placing rights things in right direction.

Vaastu Shastra Directions

Directions | Source

Vaastu Shastra Directions

Vaastu Directions

There are eight directions. The proper orientation of a building means the proper knowledge of vaastu principles with accordance of all eight directions. It is commonly known that the sun arises from the east direction, while facing east one can tell all directions like, opposite to east is West, our left is North and Right side is South.

Where two directions meet at the corner forms the sub-directions, North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West. Every direction has its own significance. The basic principles of Vaastu Shastra are based on these eight directions.

North Direction

North Direction considered auspicious. This direction belongs to the God of Wealth (Kuber). It is known for wealth and prosperity. One can enhance wealth and career by applying vaastu principles in this direction.

It is recommended to keep this place more open, airy, light colored and clean. Do not keep heavy furniture in this direction.

There’s logic behind this study of Vaastu shastra, as we know about North Pole and its magnetism, so this direction provides tremendous positive energy to the whole world. This energy is very important for every individual. It is recommended to have big doors and windows here and one must keep them open to receive the energy of North Pole.

South Direction

South has always considered inauspicious, but this is not true. Having proper knowledge about south direction and applying accordingly is important. South direction acts as a storage tank for all the positive energies coming from north.

It is recommended that do not construct big doors or windows in this direction. South stores energy in the form of wealth. South is ruled by God of Death (Yam). Defects of South direction leads to problems related to finances, one living in such place can face injustice and legal affairs.

East Direction

East direction is meant to be very powerful. This direction is ruled by God of rains, prosperity and power (Indra). This direction has a planet – Sun, which itself is a big power. Sun ensures growth of life on earth.

This direction is meant for growth as well. Just like North, the East direction should also be kept open, light and clean. Constructing big walls, closed spaces, no doors or windows, will leads to stagnation in life, means no growth. Constructing a Toilet, staircase or a store is a big vaastu defect. These defects leads to failure in life.

West Direction

This direction is meant for stability in life. This direction is ruled by God of Fame and Fate (Varun). Big doors or windows are not recommended in the direction. If there are big windows then positive energy (solar energy) coming from the east will drain from here, Hence results in loss of income.

South-West Direction

This direction is ruled by a Demon (Niriti). The planet of this direction is Rahu. This is the strongest direction and its right orientation gives strong and healthy life. It provides confidence, health and wealth. It also ensures name & fame in life. But its defects might lead to serious problems like it can make the conditions worst, financial loss etc. It results in depression, anxiety or suicidal feelings. It is recommended to follow few basic guidelines of vaastu shastra while constructing homes. It is also recommended that the south-west direction must be higher than other directions, which will ensure stronger stability, happiness and higher self-esteem.

North-West Direction

This direction is ruled by God of Wind (Vayudev). Moon is the planet of this direction. This direction is always being unstable as this is the place ruled by wind. Also proper usage of this direction creates opportunity in life. Wrong usage of this direction results in instability and health issues.

North-East Direction

The northeast direction, As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, is ruled by Lord Shiva. This direction a home is said to be the most auspicious and pure among all the eight directions. This direction also called the Ishanya corner. It has the most energy, and this direction gets the most sunlight as this area is exposed to Sun. It is recommended to keep this direction open, clean and airy. Leave doors or windows in the direction, Open for maximum times, whenever possible. Do not keep clutter here, as it blocks growth.

South-East Direction

The south-east direction is governed by Shukra Grah(Venus), the lord of fire. According to Vastu shastra principles, this direction is good for Kitchen, i.e., keeping fire-related devices. Any dosh/defect in the south-eastern direction will lead to financial losses.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Shilpy Saxena


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