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Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

Updated on July 5, 2015

When the temperatures outside soar in mid summer, the house heats up and internal temperatures soon catch up. This means a hot house and that can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you're trying to sleep. While you may be able to tolerate the heat in some rooms, there are others that would benefit from a single room sized air cooling unit.

The problem with most air conditioning units is that they have to be vented to a second unit mounted on the outside of the house, meaning that while they are great for cooling a room, they are still a hassle to set up. A portable air conditioning unit can be moved them from room to room and as long as they are placed close by a window or other outlet to the outside air, they are perfect for cooling whatever room you happen to want to be in.

The portable air conditioner that is vent free does away with the need to vent to an outside unit and is truly portable. Here we take a look at just how these units achieve this feat and the benefits they bring on a hot summer's evening.

How Does a Ventless Portable Air Conditioner Work?

A ventless portable air conditioner comes with a pipe that you can drape through an open window and this allows the hot air that the unit takes from the room to be expelled to the outside. They come on wheels or casters for easy manoeuvrability and are light enough so that most people can easily wheel them from room to room.

They work by drawing warm air from the room into their cooling system, which refrigerates the air and then blows it out as cool air. During the refrigeration process, hot air is produced by the heat exchange process, as in all air conditioning units. This hot air is traditionally vented to an outside fan unit which expels the air, but with the ventless portable air conditioner, this step is achieved by expelling the hot air out through a pipe.

That pipe must be places so that its outlet send the hot air out of the house. This is usually through an open window, or a special outlet can be created for this purpose through an outside wall. The hot air escapes to the outside leaving a cooled room that is comfortable to be in.

The Advantages of a Portable Air Conditioner

The main advantage to having a portable air cooler is so that you can move it from room to room in your house so that you are only using electricity to cool the room you are occupying and not wasting power by cooling the whole house.

Whole house air conditioners are fine if you have a family where different members of the family are going to be occupying different rooms all of the time. But they are wasteful if there is only one or two people in a home and you are using only one room. It may be the living room in the evening while you settle down to watch some TV, or the bedroom for later on when you want to be able to sleep in a cool room and not suffer a sleepless night in the heat.

When you've finished in one room, simply unplug your ventless portable air conditioner and wheel it into the next room you intend to occupy. They usually have a fast cool setting which will cool a room quickly, then switch off via a thermostat to save power.

Personal comfort is an important part of a stress free life in the ,which is the place you come to after a hard day's work. On a really hot day, its great to be able to relax in a nicely cooled room, free from the sticky, sweaty heat that being without your own portable air conditioning unit means you would otherwise have to suffer. That's good enough reason enough for making sure you have one ready for the hot summer days!


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    Hey, thanks! All kinds of air cooling have their place, I guess.

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    vent-less & ductless? Huft.. both are two innovative technology but personally I prefer to use swamp cooler.

    Thank you.

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