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Victorian Wicker Furniture for Garden, Porch and Patio

Updated on May 14, 2015
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Chazz is an Interior Decorator/Consultant/Retailer, amateur photographer, cook, gardener, handyman, currently restoring an 1880 Victorian.

Image used under Royalty Free License from
Image used under Royalty Free License from | Source

Antique and Reproduction Wicker Furniture for Your Garden, Porch or Patio

Nothing says summer quite like wicker furniture. Whether porch, veranda, lanai, or patio, wicker furniture brings to mind languid summer afternoons with a warm breeze carrying the scent of lilacs or jasmine and perhaps a pitcher of lemonade or iced tea to sip.

Whether you choose one-of-a-kind antique pieces or contemporary reproductions made of resin, wicker furniture is a welcome addition for your porch, patio or garden area.

Victorian or reproduction Victorian style wicker can be ornate or more simple in style. It can be bought as a set or you can mix and match pieces. If you are shopping for classic and durable furniture with an airy, romantic look, old-fashioned wicker furniture, whether antique, vintage or new, you will find it here.

What is Wicker?

Originally “wicker” referred to the material used to create furnishings made from woven natural materials such as willow, cane, rattan, and grasses. Since the early 1900s, twisted paper, sometimes wrapped around a wire core, was the first manufactured synthetic substitute specifically made to weave into wicker furniture. Today, “wicker” includes a variety of natural and manufactured materials from willow and rattan to vinyl and resins.

Most Popular Wicker Rocking Chair for Porch or Patio

Sahara Outdoor Rocker, 35"Hx18"W, WHITE
Sahara Outdoor Rocker, 35"Hx18"W, WHITE

Hand-woven of maintenance free UV-resistant resin wicker with a rattan frame. Ideal for outdoor and indoor use. Size: 35"Hx18"W. Cushions available separately

Wicker Chairs still make great props for photos. Photo © CJS. All Rights Reserved.
Wicker Chairs still make great props for photos. Photo © CJS. All Rights Reserved.

Did You Know...?

5 Interesting facts about wicker furniture

1. Wicker was one of the first natural materials to be used for furniture
2. Archeologists have found wicker furniture dating to 3000 BCE
3. Wicker chairs were very popular in Ancient Egypt
4. Roman Emperors imported wicker from Egypt
5. The first wicker furniture in the Americas was brought by pilgrims on the Mayflower

Why Choose Wicker?

Quality wicker furniture, including natural and resins, is durable, resilient, comfortable, and easy to care for. Wicker furniture and accessories are available in a wide range of styles from ornate Victorian to sleek modern designs; from shabby chic to urban sophisticat. Yet, wicker is always inviting and welcoming, never pretentious.

How Wicker Furniture was Made

Detail: Making Wicker Furniture at Paine's, Boston is available in a variety of sizes and formats at
Detail: Making Wicker Furniture at Paine's, Boston is available in a variety of sizes and formats at | Source

What to Look for When Purchasing Wicker Furniture

Whatever material you choose, the fiber should be woven around a sturdy frame. Older wicker will be woven around a hardwood frame. It may look delicate but was actually very sturdy – which is why even the most ornate originals are still around! Better wicker made today is still made that way.

Inexpensive lower quality wicker will be very lightweight since it uses a bamboo or rattan frame, which also makes it less durable. New wicker will sometimes use a metal frame, which can also vary in strength and durability so be sure you know what you are buying and how the piece was made. Check warranty information on new wicker as well.

Wicker made for outdoor use today is often finished with resin or vinyl that has been treated to be water (and sometimes fade) resistant. If you have an enclosed porch or intend to use the wicker indoors, this is usually not an issue, but for exposed pieces, you might want to look into this type of “wicker.”

Provence 6-pc. Outdoor Wicker Seating Collection

Timeless, classic styling combined with durable weather-safe construction and materials will keep this easy-care set looking beautiful for years to come. Sofa, loveseat, chairs, ottoman, end table and coffee table have fully welded, powder-coated aluminum frames for strength and durability. Seating includes mold- and mildew-resistant cushions. The coffee table and end table include bottom shelves for extra storage and inset glass tabletops. Pieces may be purchased individually or as a set at Plow and Hearth.

How to Care For Wicker Furniture

1) Dust gently with a feather duster or vacuum cleaner using an attachment with a soft brush.

2) If natural material, wash with a mild liquid detergent, pat dry with a towel and let it finish drying naturally away from heat and sun.

3) If made with woven paper, do not wash with water or any wet product.

4) For newer synthetics, follow manufacturer’s instructions

"The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had."

— Unknown

The Allure of Porch Swings

All-Weather Resin Outdoor Everyday Wicker Swing , In Tan
All-Weather Resin Outdoor Everyday Wicker Swing , In Tan

Timeless, inviting style woven in all-weather resin on sturdy powder-coated steel frames for long life and low maintenance. Other colors available.


Weaving a Wicker Chair

Shop for Antique Victorian Wicker on eBay

Antique wicker furniture is generally heavier than modern pieces. It should be used in protected areas such as covered porches.

Antique wicker may look delicate but it is durable, comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and is often more affordable than newer reproductions. Don't be afraid to mix and match.

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    • Meganhere profile image

      Meganhere 4 years ago

      I love white wicker outdoor furniture. Lovely.

    • norma-holt profile image

      norma-holt 4 years ago

      Beautiful furniture and lovely displays here. I would love one of those porch swings.

    • sue826 lm profile image

      sue826 lm 4 years ago

      I love wicker on a porch - nothing fits better than an old porch with wicker furniture.

    • vineliner57 profile image

      Hal Gall 4 years ago from Bloomington, IN

      I love wicker furniture. A lot of these items would be great for a Steampunk themed outdoor wedding.

    • profile image

      Bed-Bug-Bites 4 years ago

      These are classic furniture. Remind me about my summer vacation at my grand parents

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      This furniture is so welcoming and charming that one might forget that it's comfortable too.

    • profile image

      cmadden 4 years ago

      That wicker fan is making me wish the ceiling in our enclosed porch was a bit higher!

    • chezchazz profile image

      Chazz 4 years ago from New York

      @CherylsArt: Thank you. The frame is steel so it is sturdy and will be rust resistant also.

    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 4 years ago from West Virginia

      Lots of pretty wicker furniture here. I never knew they made it in steel too.