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Wacky Bean Bag Chairs

Updated on May 6, 2013

Fun and Crazy Bean Bags!

Who doesn't love crashing into a big, squishy bean bag chair? It's almost like getting a big hug!

It's even more fun, when that bean bag has some wacky design! But, those can be hard to find in the stores. You might stumble upon a cool chair while shopping, but more than likely they will prove elusive when you are on the hunt for something truly unique to decorate your game room or dorm.

Check out these wacky bean bag chairs I have found! I think these are so much fun. I know my kids and I would love to have some of these in our play room. They are great for gaming, watching television or just hanging out.

Wow! Works Cupcake Adult Beanbag chair

Hamburger Bean Bag Chair

This is the first wacky chair that caught my eye. Come on! A beanbag that looks like a giant hamburger? Now, that's funny! And it is very realistic too. I get hungry just looking at it!

Money Bean Bag Chair

If the hamburger is not for you, maybe this money bean bag is more your style. Relax on this giant stack of Benjamins!

Wow! Works Money Adult Beanbag chair (86790A)
Wow! Works Money Adult Beanbag chair (86790A)

Also comes in adult and junior sizes. 100% polyester fabric.


Pizza Bean Bag Chair

Our family has a tradition of ordering pizza delivery on Friday nights. Now we can get a giant slice delivered to our front door! What a fun way to relax!

Wow! Works Pizza Adult Beanbag Chair (30609A)
Wow! Works Pizza Adult Beanbag Chair (30609A)

Like the ones shown above, this also comes in either adult or junior sizes.


More Wacky Bean Bags!

These crazy seats will add a lot of fun to your space. You and your friends are sure to enjoy these sweet treats!

Gold Medal Bean Bags 30000010299 Medium Benny Banana Beanbag, Tween Size,
Gold Medal Bean Bags 30000010299 Medium Benny Banana Beanbag, Tween Size,

You and your friends will go ape over this beanbag in a banana shape!

Child Plush Collection  Hot Lips, Red
Child Plush Collection Hot Lips, Red

Pucker up! This fun seat is shaped like lips!


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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      love this

    • LPerry60 profile image

      LPerry60 4 years ago from East Coast United States

      Wow, those bean bags are really great . I can't decide between the money or the hamburger. What a fun lens!

    • profile image

      tomoxby 4 years ago

      These are really fun bean bag chairs, I had no idea they even had these styles. If you did take the pizza one to the beach it really would become a topic of conversation.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 4 years ago

      Bean bag chairs are great and I really like that hundred dollar bill design!

    • Frischy profile image

      Frischy 4 years ago from Kentucky, USA

      @anonymous: So do I! They are so much fun!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I love these wacky bean bag chairs!!!