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Wall Mounted Wine Glass Rack Shelf

Updated on January 28, 2014

Wine by Design: Wall Mounted & Hanging Wine Glass Racks & Shelves

Wall mounted and hanging wine glass racks like these, promise to keep your favorite stemware primed and ready for wine with friends or family while adding to your overall decor.

Decorative pieces that serve a purpose in your space really earn their keep in form and function; one might call them 'double duty,' as they seem to work overtime. Dual purpose additions to any space work to keep order, adding a decorative element making them quite a good investment.

We wine lovers can relate to having our own ritual where we taste, savor and entertain among good company, so these all-important wine glass racks and hanging stemware shelves provide us the space we need for our stemware and favorite wine.

Scroll down to peruse some fabulous options in wine glass racks in hanging, shelf and/or undercounter styles to suit your needs for beauty and utility and some great suggestions for your favorite wine tasting space.


Image credit: The hanging wine glass holder shown here is available below.

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Glass Holder: Combination Wine Glass & Bottle Holder and Rack

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Glass Holder: Wine Bottle & Stemware Rack Combination 6-Bottle

Wall Mounted Metal Wine Glass Holder: 5-Bottle Wine Rack & Glass Holder Shelf & Rack

8 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack Finish: Black
8 Bottle Wall Mounted Wine Rack Finish: Black

Your needs for decor and purpose will most likely be your defining features when choosing a convenient and attractive place for your favorite stemware. Will you need a shelf for wine, too?

Wire and metal wine glass holders like the chrome fixture is best suited for a modern palette, where your decor is minimal, with linear design and smooth textures.

Notice how the other stemware racks have scrollwork, qualities that are more decorative for a vintage look. The wine glass and bottle rack at left has more 'depth,' being more ornate and in keeping with a European appeal.

Follow your existing decor to create a finished, cohesive look and you'll be successful in your decorating efforts . Think of color as spice

Hanging Wine Glass Rack & Wine Bottle Holder Combination
Hanging Wine Glass Rack & Wine Bottle Holder Combination

Finding Space for Wine Tasting

Hanging Wine

I much prefer modern decor but I have to take an about face with wine and its 'spirit.' There's nothing like being reminded of a wine's beginning: wine country, oaken barrels and the tell-tale staining of vintage port.

It's those qualities that make for a convincing ambiance when decorating your wine tasting space.

Where space is limited, you'll need to be very selective in your choices; each piece must be significant. It's these small but powerfully appealing additions that make for an amazing ambiance with minimal effort and space that make the best investment when decorating. Notice how the model room here has just a few pieces but the small nook is transformed tremendously.

The rustic look of this wooden wine glass and bottle rack and its weathered-look chain betray the Old World, vintage look we wine lovers appreciate. You might add to it with greenery or faux grapes, much like the model room, here. This piece will add an element of WOW! ~ even in a small area.

Isn't this wine glass rack stunning?

Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Glass Holder: Vintage Style Decorative Wall Stemware & Wine Bottle Rack Combo

Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Glass Holder: Repurposed Wood Combination Stemware and Wine Bottle Shelf

Antique Black Wine Rack
Antique Black Wine Rack

In keeping with what I mentioned above, you'll want your wine glasses to really shine on your new rack. Unlike the utility-only under counter stemware racks (further down), wall mounted holders and shelves should be highly decorative.

If you've already graced your walls with artwork aplenty, go for a nondescript wine glass rack like the wooden one at left. It's lovely and can hold its own without further design.

Those stemware holders with a lovely design or artwork can make a wan space a 'wine WOW! space. You'll only need to find a prominent wall for your new display, even if you have to change out a few pieces.

Wine bottles can also serve as art. I love the different color bottles shown on the rack above. The varying hues add depth and interest to an otherwise flat wall. Make every addition to your wall mounted rack serve a purpose to realize the most for your efforts.

Wall Mounted Repurposed Wine Barrel Stemware Rack
Wall Mounted Repurposed Wine Barrel Stemware Rack

Wine Design: Repurposed Wine Barrels

Real Wine Barrel Stemware Holder

If you've a penchant (like I do) for anything wine barrel, you can appreciate this wine glass rack made from a repurposed wine barrel. There's a real warming effect us wine lovers realize as we sit, sip and savor in its company.

This wine glass rack is as strong a piece of art as it is a wall mounted rack, though I lean on its value as art work more so. It's easy to see how this one strong element can outweigh several so-so pieces of wall art. I'd venture to say this piece can serve as sculpture, wall art and wine glass holder all-in-one.

Isn't this an amazing art form?

Hanging Wine Glass Rack/Holder Repurposed Oak Wine Barrel Staves Holds 24

Hanging/Ceiling Wine Glass Holder: Wooden Stemware Rack in 5 Finishes

Hanging/Ceiling Wine Glass Holder: Wooden Stemware Rack in Mahogany

Hanging Wine Bottle and Glass Rack 16+ Made From Oak Wine Barrel Staves
Hanging Wine Bottle and Glass Rack 16+ Made From Oak Wine Barrel Staves

Where space is at a premium, it's best to 'go up' with your storage. Much like pot racks that add a professional chef's kitchen ambiance, wine glass racks that hang from your ceiling can easily be your room's crowning jewel if done right.

'Right' means opting for the largest bang for your efforts. As I've mentioned, repurposed wine barrels proffer the spirit of wine country, aging, tradition and warmth. What's better to make that big impact statement than a wine glass rack made from authentic wine barrel staves?

Conversely, your decor might necessitate a more linear, nondescript stemware holder. In this case, you'll need to follow your decor's lead and opt for something that's a bit of both: wooden and linear like those I've included above.

There's no one-size-fits-all but where space is limited, opting for ceiling racks is a smart idea for keeping wine glasses safe but at the ready.


Two Piece Wooden Floating Stemware and Wine Bottle Holder with Shelf in Espresso

Combination Wall-Mounted Wooden Wine Rack and Glass Holder with Shelf in Walnut

I'm a big advocate of dual-purpose anything but I'm really partial to those things we use in our home, where we satisfy a decorative need along with usefulness. Who can't appreciate that?

I can see the purpose of these wooden wine glass racks and their shelves adding to a room's decor while keeping wine and stemware together, in one tidy arrangement. I like the 3D-art-form effect of the rack and shelf on the left; it's simple but significant with it's weighty design. Plus, there's any number of decor genres you can pair this set with quite nicely. I can imagine this duo in a cozy little corner nook with a fragrant candle, bathing the space in a warm glow . . . (I'm getting carried away but that's what great decor does!)

Sometimes an enclosed unit makes sense on your wall. The wine glass holder on the right houses wine bottles and your favorite wine accouterments (especially those little gadgets that go missing all too often). While not quite the decorative piece that its neighbor has, this wine glass rack looks it part as a tidy useful unit that will serve you well.

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack: Large Chrome Metal Stemware Holder

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack: Rustic Wooden Stemware Holder

Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack: Chrome Finish Metal Stemware Holder

Repurposed Wine Barrel: Wine Tasting Table
Repurposed Wine Barrel: Wine Tasting Table

The Real Deal: Using Repurposed Wine Barrel Furniture

I know this repurposed wine barrel isn't the wine glass rack to be sure but I'm in love with it! Sometimes there's a decor or furniture piece that seemingly demands attention, much like this one - I just had to include it.

As I've mentioned, creating an intimate gathering area doesn't necessitate a lot of space; it's simply making each piece count in a 'less is more' fashion. A few amazing pieces produce a more sophisticated and meaningful purpose than does many small, nondescript additions littered about your space with no real visual impact.

Remember, each piece you add should have the WOW! effect and it doesn't take but a sprinkling of each to make your space complete.


The Ever-Versatile Repurposed Wine Barrel - Offered on eBay

I included these repurposed wine barrels to give you a peek of what's available for your planned wine cellar, tasting room or even a cozy nook. Each piece has the appeal to make a major visual impression while serving as an important furniture piece.

Indeed, it's definitely less is more with these big guys!

Don't you agree?

Fun DIY Ideas for Wine Lovers

This short tutorial is totally simple but will give you an idea of what you can do to create a unique wine bottle stopper. I would place the ball at a slight angle and add fancy string ribbon.

You will LOVE this wine bottle tea light! I'll give this project a medium difficulty rating, as you'll have to cut the bottle and bend wire just so but the result is absolutely stunning.

This tutorial will show you haw to break your wine bottle using what's available in your home. Once you become adept at this your decorating adventures can begin!

For that Old World ambiance in your wine room, this short tutorial shows you how to make wine bottle candles.

There's no limit once your creative juices are flowing freely like fine wine. Here''s a glimpse at several wine bottle projects to get you started.

What are you looking for in wine glass holders?

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