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How to drill holes in a wall to hang things.

Updated on December 6, 2012

Need Medium Strength Hanging

Potted Plant
Potted Plant

Holes on Concrete Wall

Concrete wall need more powerful machine to do the work.
Tools needed
1, Impact Drill with all the necessary bits
2, Hammer (if you were to drive nails into the wall)
3, Screwdriver (if you were to drive screws into the wall)
4, Plastic or Wooden plug
5, Nail, hook or screw, or expansion bolt for heavy hanging

Wooden Wall might only need normal hand tool. If happened that the wooden wall you want to hang something is made of extremely hard wood like Teak or Iron Wood then you should treat it like concrete wall and use the above tools instead of the one below.
1, Drill (electric powered or hand drill)
2, Hammer
3, Screw Driver
4, Nail, screw, hook or expansion bolt (Heavy hanging)
5, Plug (wooden or plastic)

How to drill Concrete Wall.
Marks the point you want to put your nail or screw with and "X", and make sure the two "X" is corresponding to the two "screw eye" of the picture you want to hang. To get horizontal hang measured equal distance from ceiling down or floor up to the spots. (assuming your floor/ceiling is horizontal).

Put on a goggle to protect your eyes from flying concrete chips! Use hand globe that is electric shock proof. Make sure the spot you drill don't have live electrical wire underneath; else you could get a nasty electric shock and repair bill!
Choose a concrete drilling bit (the one with a blunt tip) bigger than the screw or hook shank, but smaller than the plug. Adjust the dept you want to drill using the drilling guide that is attached to the electric drill. The same result can be achieved by marking your bit with liquid paper. Drill the holes slightly tilting downward (outside higher than the inside) for maximum strength. Use the wooden or plastic plug to seal back the hole. This is done by hammering the plug in and cut off any excess. Then you can screw in your screw or hook, or hammer in the nail to the require depth. Bingo! It done!

How to drill Wooden Wall
Choose a bit (the one with the sharp cutting edge) with slightly smaller shank than your nail or screw that you want to fasten to the wall later. This will ensure that the hole will have a grip to the screw or nail. Slowly drill the hole to a require depth by pulling the machine in and out at the same time to get a loose hole, and clears any debris along the way. Screwed in your screw or hammered in your nail. Bingo! It done!

Heavy Hanging
Drilled the hole slightly bigger than the expansion bolt you want to fasten. Place the bolt and slowly tighten it with a spanner. A mechanism within the bolt will expand and grip the bolt to the hole.

Note: Plywood, chipboard and gypsum board would not hold your screw or nail. To get a grip you could place strips of wood on both side of the wall and fasten it with bolt and nut, before you can do the normal nailing or screwing in your screw. Use "U Bolt" or " Eye Bolt" on this non grip wall instead.

Note: Impact Drill is a kind of drill that will creates vibration with a hammering effect. Some concrete wall can only be done using this version of drill.
Do read the instruction manual on how to fix the drilling bit to the machine and the necessary precaution to be taken.

Expansion Bolts & a screw driver


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