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Every Home Could Use a Magnetic Screen Door!

Updated on June 27, 2015
The Magnetic Screen Door can be used  on most standard size doors, inside and outside the home.
The Magnetic Screen Door can be used on most standard size doors, inside and outside the home.

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay

Most homes do not have traditional storm doors or screen doors installed. If they do it is not long before the storm door becomes worn and no longer functions properly. Installing a new storm or screen door can be time consuming and costly.

Magnetic screen doors as an alternative to the traditional screen door, don't require much maintenance and frequent repairs because the of the design of the door. In addition, the installation of the doors takes no time at all and do not require professional assistance therefore saving you money. Magnetic screen doors are designed for flexibility and versatility with fast and easy installation. People living rental apartments that are restricted from installing permanent screen doors can use the retractable magnetic screen door with no fear of damaging property. The design is a very efficient way to solve an insect problem that most of us often experience during summer.

Mosquitoes can be a real problem during warm, humid weather. In the United States, they are a problem mainly during the late spring and throughout summer. So to protect yourself against these bugs is important, so that you can enjoy being outside when it is warm. Avoiding the bloodthirsty insects when outdoors and indoors can be a challenging task. There are ways to avoid the itchy bites and the red welts from effecting your body, since they are known to carry illnesses and the bites cause your skin to be very itchy.

There are all different types of mosquito repellent candles that work really well if you want to sit outside when eating or when having guests over. These special candles are great if you plan to be outside for a long period of time. Liquid mosquito spray is better for people who will be outside for shorter periods of time and perhaps during a camping trip when you will be in the forest for long periods. Finally, if you are camping out during summer, it may be wise to sleep with a mosquito net around you. This is especially true for those camping in the South, where it gets extremely humid during the summer and where mosquitoes thrive.

Another effective mosquito control measure is to keep air in motion, whether your inside or outdoors. Making use of fan to keep air circulating within a room can act as a mosquito repellent to a certain extent. Mosquitoes cannot tolerate moving air. If outdoors, fanning yourself while moving around is also another way to keep mosquitoes away.

A great alternative, especially for use inside your home is a magnetic screen door made of nylon mesh that is functional and keeps the bugs out. This type of closure offers many benefits to renters, homeowners, and campers. It is portable and takes little time to set up. It is a great option for busy families, for homes with pets, and for those who simply want to take advantage of the cool summer breezes without being annoyed by insects.

The magnetic door closure forms a tight barrier to keep bugs out which is a common problem when trying to keep an a normal door open for fresh air. The portable screen door eliminates these concerns about insects, especially those that might sting or cause health problems.

The magnetic screen door allows air to flow unrestricted. The decorative top lace panel gives the barrier an attractive look. It can be used in traditional doorways. There is no time consuming screen repairs which means you can spend more time enjoying the Spring and Summer weather, hosting warm weather parties, and simply relax. It can also help reduce costs of electricity for cooling indoors.

The choices in diy screen doors for homes is extensive, however this one is the easiest to install and maintain. The mesh fabric is machine washable. It can be hosed down and hung to dry before storing away during the winter months when its not needed. It can be used in most homes that have standard size door frames, mobile homes, RVs, and cabins. The magnetic screen door is a suitable choice for enclosed patio rooms and sunrooms, for those who want to get more enjoyment out of the space they live in.

Breeze In Bugs Out Magnetic Screen


Magnetic Screen Door

This magnetic screen door features a purposely made tension curtain rod, strong strategically designed magnets which create a hands free entry and exit for you, your children, guests and pets

Installation Guide

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