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Where To Get Boxes For Moving

Updated on June 23, 2014

Best Places To Get Free Or Cheap Moving Boxes

Here I have gathered for your some of the best ideas on places to get moving boxes, from free ones to cheap ones, or to the more elaborate and sturdy regular priced ones. Moving, or home relocating is something that more and more people are doing these days. Globalization is real and distances between places seem to shrink.

People move due to new jobs, or because they are starting a new family, or simply because they want to move out from their parents' place. The reasons are many, but no matter how you go about it, getting sturdy moving boxes and relevant supplies to pack your things these days is a major part of any move.

Photo credits: schaufi

Where To Get Free Boxes For Moving

In most cases these will be used boxes, so check that they are sturdy, strong and are not falling apart.

  1. Liquor stores
  2. Friends and family who has spare boxes left from their own move
  3. Bookstores (books are heavy so how sturdy do you think these boxes are once discarded?)
  4. Behind your supermarket, near the waste bin (ewww)
  5. Grocery store (beware of soggy boxes!)
  6. Recycling bins
  7. Freecycle
  8. Furniture stores
  9. Kinko or other copy place for smaller boxes
  10. Your own workplace
  11. Albany Freecycle Group
  12. Your friends on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter
  13. Free Cardboard Boxes
  14. Free section of Craigslist
  15. McDonald's fry boxes
  16. Starbucks
  17. Uhaul exchange forum
  18. Schools
  19. Leftovers from moving companies
  20. Electronic stores
  21. Office supply stores

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Which Moving Supplies Do You Need?

While this article will focus mostly on places from where to get boxes for moving, before we tackle the issue of where to buy them, you first need to be clear as to what other supplies you also need for your move. Some are obvious, however others are not so, and many people have panicked at the last minute because they were missing an important moving supply that they haven't thought in advance about.

So here is a list of the most important moving supplies you will most probably need for your relocation.

  1. Moving boxes - these boxes should be sturdy, and you need a couple of sizes, since each size will be used for a different purpose. More on that below.
  2. Packaging tape / mailing tape - you will need these tapes to assemble your moving boxes with ease. These are perfect both for moving as well as for storage.
  3. Protective stuff - you will need lots of these, depending on how strong or fragile your items are. For example you will need bubble bags, cushion foam poaches, wrapping paper, packing peanuts, quilted pads and also furniture pads.
  4. Lifting tools - If you are moving the things by yourself and you are not using truck rentals for moving companies to do the move for you, then you will need various moving or lifting tools, such as a forklift, a hand truck or even a furniture dolly. Not only that but you will most likely need also accessories such as an easy cut knife or a utility knife.
  5. Covering accessories - some of your belongings need to be properly covered. This is why mattress bags, computer bags and generally moving bags or storage bags are a must.
  6. What about locks? some of the popular locks that you can get for the move are the security locks made of steel or brass.
  7. Finally tie down ropes and elastic straps - they are needed moving accessories for holding your precious belongings in place. Don't even attempt to do a move without these.

moving boxes sizes and types
moving boxes sizes and types

Moving Boxes Sizes And Types That You Need

If you thought that getting moving boxes is easy, think again. Boxes come in various sizes, and you will need at least 3 different sizes, if not more. When we moved to a new city, I counted 7 different moving box sizes, ranging from very small to huge ones.

I never knew before that there are SO MANY different sizes of boxes!

There are standard sizes boxes (including small moving boxes, book boxes, medium moving boxes, large moving boxes, XL moving boxes) then you have mirror / picture boxes in various sizes, clothing moving boxes depending on your wardrobe size, moving boxes for the kitchen, coming in various strengths (for example you can have boxes for shipping wine, glass, dishes, and so on), and of course, you have boxes for moving electronics and even your entire home office.

I bet you thought moving is so easy, didn't ya? And we haven't even come yet to the best part!

Photo credits: pieterbeen

Why You Need Sturdy Boxes For Packing

soggy moving box
soggy moving box

Free Boxes Vs Buying Your Boxes For Moving

OK here's the deal. When you're looking to get boxes for moving, you CAN find good boxes and pay nothing for them. They're free. In most cases all you need to do is go pick them up.

However I have to warn you that I've been there, done that, as the saying goes. The truth is that free moving boxes are in most cases not worth the hassle, and this is why.

Let's face it, there is no such thing as a free lunch, everybody knows that. When you get something for free, there are ALWAYS some perks associated with it. You either have to travel miles and miles for getting your boxes (and paying for the expensive petrol doesn't make your boxes quite so free now, does it?), or the boxes have already been used (sometimes more than ones), so they might give way their bottom right in the middle of you packing or even worse - moving it to the car or truck.

I really hope you don't have some crystal, glass or other breakables when that happens!

I've tried getting free boxes, but in most cases, I had to throw them away. They were dirty, soggy (and fouls smelling in most cases), the strong bottom part was not so strong anymore, and in most cases I had to use tons of tape to make them hold my items. And take costs money too!

But they say that the best way to learn from mistakes are learning from your own, so here are some ideas to get free moving boxes if you choose to go this route. You've been warned!

Photo credits: R-tem

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Where To Buy Moving Boxes

If you've decided to stick with me (wise choice!) and get your moving boxes from some more reliable places, even if it means paying a bit of money for them (c'mon they're not THAT expensive!), then good news, as I've already done the research for you!

I will give you the actual boxes that you can get so when you click through, you go directly to that listed box and buy it without having to do any previous research.

Buying moving boxes has never been easier!

Fellowes Large SmoothMove Moving Box, 6 Pack - Personal Review

Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Large 6 pack (0062904)
Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Large 6 pack (0062904)
Large moving boxes are a must. And you will need more than one box, even if you move from a single apartment or condo. Trust me on this! This set of 6 large boxes can fit quite a lot of things in them - large things. Just make sure you don't put in them all your box because not even Hercules could lift it from the ground! So why do I like this set of boxes in particular? These boxes are very durable, and they you can put quite some heavy things in them. Also what I particularly love about them is the convenient holes for the hands. You can easily tuck your fingers in the holes so that gripping the box is very convenient! Right now Amazon has them on discount, so you get the the 6 boxes for less than $40. That's a steal!

Fellowes Medium SmoothMove Moving Box, 8 Pack - Personal Review

Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium, 8-Pack, (0062806)
Bankers Box SmoothMove Prime Moving Boxes, Medium, 8-Pack, (0062806)
Large boxes are great but you will need lots of medium boxes. These actually the best size to have more of them because you'll see when packing that most of your belongings will fit right into these boxes. You can never have enough mid size boxes! Fellowes is a great brand, one that I used already twice when moving (once when moving out from home to find my own place, and next when my husband found a better paying job in another city). I trust this brand as it never failed me. And the price is just right as well. They make extremely sturdy boxes, which you need when moving, and you can actually reuse them if you want. That's right, you can even use them twice (although more than that I don't recommend). Oh and what I also love about Fellowes is the fact that assembling these boxes is a breeze, even for me (the girl with two left hands as I'm often called!). Btw, if you click through the link, make sure to check out the great video on assembling and using these boxes, it's a fun one to watch!

Other Moving Boxes That You Can Get - Made By Uboxes

Here is a list of other moving boxes that you can buy. While I prefer Fellowes as my trusted brand, I understand that preferences vary from person to person. So here are some other options that are equally worth getting.

They are especially useful if you have to pack from a large home with several rooms, as Uboxes have bundles of boxes at great prices. You will definitely save money with these boxes!

How To Avoid Clutter When Moving - (or at least keep it to minimum...)

shopping frenzy
shopping frenzy

Are Moving Boxes All You Need For Your Move?

While boxes for moving are a major part of any relocation organizing and carrying through, I have to admit that I was quite surprised when it came to actually packing and putting everything in the truck rental. I thought I had it all covered, but BOY I was wrong!

I soon realized I needed so much more than what I had. So I left everything on the floor unpacked and rushed to the nearest store to get my extra moving supplies. Needless to say, because I didn't do my previous careful research, I sourly overpaid on my first move. Lesson learned for the second time around!

So here are some other moving supplies that you will need, unless you have EVERYTHING at home (which I quite doubt). Go through the list and see what is missing from your inventory, and make sure to stock up on whatever you need BEFORE you actually move!

Photo credits: rms519

4 Scotch Long Lasting Moving & Storage Packaging Tapes

Scotch Long Lasting Storage Packaging Tape, 1.88" x 54.6 yd, Designed for Storage and Packing, Stays Sealed in Weather Extremes, 3" Core, Clear, 4 Rolls (3650-4)
Scotch Long Lasting Storage Packaging Tape, 1.88" x 54.6 yd, Designed for Storage and Packing, Stays Sealed in Weather Extremes, 3" Core, Clear, 4 Rolls (3650-4)
You need packing tape, period. And Scotch is a brand that never let me down. It is long lasting, durable and can pack a lot of boxes together before you run out of tape. You get not one but 4 rolls, which will last you for quite a while. And considering that you can use these rolls for other things at home, not only for moving, I think they're a great value for your investment. Ah forgot to mention, these rolls meet the postal regulations, so they are perfect to use even when mailing something through the post office.

Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (Black/Red)
Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (Black/Red)
This is something that believe it or not, you WILL need when moving. Unless somebody else does the entire move for you, in which case you don't. But actually you do because you can organize your camping gear, your luggage, and even for carrying things (such as computers) if you have your own servicing business. However coming back to packing and moving, if you do your own packing, this little gadget will save you tons of time and heartache during your move. Not only you'll keep your bones and muscles from aching all the time but you also save your breakables from ... breaking. And at only $35 right now (at a 29% from the original price), it's a great home accessory to have. You never know when you will need it (and then you'll kick yourself that you didn't get it when you could).

Some Additional Moving Supplies You Will Need

Can You Think Of Other Moving Supplies To Use?

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Watch This Video For Additional Moving Tips


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