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Decorating in All White

Updated on February 2, 2017

White on White

I've never seen such a clean, crisp look as a room decked out in all white. The vast number of shades of whites and textures transform any room into an elegant suite.

For as long as I can remember my mother always had white furniture, carpet or accessories in her bedroom. White just has a way of making things look brighter and more refreshing.

White linens, furnishings and accessories allow you to add any color trends the decor. Just think of the possibilities for your home when you start with the basics in white. Take a look at some ideas for decorating in all white.

Photo by AmazonCopyrighted Material by Favored1. Do not copy.

Photo credit byFavored1 or Amazon unless otherwise noted. This artwork is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Do you think a room decorated in all white would be boring?

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White Done Right

Let's begin with Elegant White Bedrooms

What is Sateen?

What you need to know about quality linens.

General Fabric Definition/Description from the manufacturer. Sateen fabric has a soft, satin-like finish resulting from a four-over-one thread weave. Standard weaves, like percale, use a one-over, one-under stitch. The four-over weave puts more threads nearer the surface, resulting in a softer, warmer surface.

This fabric is usually made of mercerized cotton, but can be made of other fabrics, including cotton blends, polyester, and rayon. Mercerized threads give sateen fabrics a higher luster. Mercerization, named for process-creator John Mercer, involves treating threads with a cold concentrated sodium hydroxide solution. Mercerization also increases strength, dyeability, and resistance to mildew, as well as reduces lint. Sateens are manufactured in both light and heavy weights, which make them ideal for bedding.

Photo credit by royalty free google images
Photo credit by royalty free google images

What is Egyptian Cotton?

Is there really a difference in cotton?

General Fabric Definition/description from the manufcturer. Egyptian cotton is used to make some of the highest quality bed and bath linens in the world. It is grown to produce a longer fiber than othertypes of cotton. The longer and finer a cotton staple is, the better able it is to be spun into finer count yarns, which in turn can be knitted or woven into soft, fine, and luxurious fabrics.

The staple length in Egyptian cotton averages 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 inches, but can reach over 2-1/4 inches, which is twice the size of any other cotton fiber. Products labeled Egyptian cotton are usually referring to the extra-long-staple cotton produced largely in the Nile River Valley. The humidity and rich soil around the Nile delta produce especially long cotton fibers, which are fine and vary from a light cream to dark tan color. Egyptian cotton is strong, durable, and if cared for properly, will be long lasting.

Photo by google images royalty free.

How to make the perfect bed.

Comforter sets are designed to transform a room from bleak to bright and cheery in a matter of minutes. You can redecorate your bedroom affordably and with style. Comforters come in many sizes, including Twin, Full (Double), Queen, King or California king size. Almost everything you need to make over your bedroom. Bedding sets are comfortable, durable, beautiful and designed for year around use.

BROYHILL furniture-not just for the Bedroom - More with White

I have used Broyhill pieces all over my house including the foyer and sunroom. They are designed to fit the way you live...creatively.

Chezmoi Collection Comforter Sets

Available on Amazon.
Available on Amazon.

Chezmoi Collection 8 Piece Set

Set includes:1Pc Comforter, 1pc Bed Skirt, 2pc Shams (Twin 1), 2pc Euro Sham (Twin 1), 1pc Breakfast 12"x 18". 1pc Square Pillow 18" x 18". Machine Washable. Fabric Content: 100% Polyester. Made By: Chezmoi Collection

Refresh your bed linens for evening.

Stunning White Bedspreads & Pillows

Maine Heritage New England Tradition Bedspread - King - White
Maine Heritage New England Tradition Bedspread - King - White
The American Traditions bedspread from Maine Heritage Weavers is lighter in weight than their other candlewick/terry designs, but is still finished with their luxurious string fringe. It is adorned with a beautiful medallion centerpiece and a pine tree motif draping the sides. Woven from the finest quality yarns, American Tradition bedspreads are 100% cotton, machine washable, and preshrunk. Available in your choice of White or Antique, this bedspread is sure to compliment any bedroom decor. Measurements are inclusive of fringe: Twin: 80"x110"; Full: 96"x110"; Queen: 102"x116"; King: 120"x120".

Martha Washington's White String Bedspread

Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread - King - White - with String Fringe
Martha Washington's Choice Bedspread - King - White - with String Fringe
George Washington chose the original of this bedspread for his bride. The original weave, older than Christianity, was lost when textile machinery replaced skilled weavers. Terry loops create a hand woven effect with luxurious knotted fringe on three side and rounded corners on the bottom. Bates Fabrics had recaptured this weaving art and former employees continue this tradition here, at Maine Heritage Weavers. Made in USA. Care: Preshrunk. Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat. Do not bleach. In White or Antique. Twin 80" x 110"; Full 96" x 110"; Queen 102" x 116"; King 120" x 120". Measurements include the fringe. Matching Pillow Shams also available.

For added attraction

decorate your walls with white

picture frames or sconces.

Next the Bath

Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon

Why Buy Cotton Towels Made in Africa?

"Think Globally and Act Locally."

Cotton made in Africa is a project that promotes the sustainable cultivation of African cotton to sell in products bearing the project's name. Funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the goal of the project is to increase the income of African cotton farmers thereby increasing the overall quality of life for themselves and their children. The purchase of African made towels in white, directly contributes to poverty reduction of more than 265,000 African farmers by creating sustainable trade rather than one time profit maximization.

These towels are manufactured in the USA by 1888 Mills, a leading textile manufacturer committed to environmental and social sustainability.

For more information please visit the CMiA website at

White Cabinets for Decor or Storage - For every room of your house.

Whether you need a place for storing china, blankets or tissues, this wood storage cabinet is up to the task.

White Cabinet with Double Glass Doors

Elegant Home Fashions Madison Wooden Floor Cabinet with 2 Glass Doors, White
Elegant Home Fashions Madison Wooden Floor Cabinet with 2 Glass Doors, White
The Madison Avenue bath furnishings are an attractive addition to any bath dcor. Add style and storage to your bath with these refreshing furnishings! Each piece is made from MDF and has a white finish with glass windows. Elite double-door floor cabinet provides 2 enclosed shelves. Sturdy engineered-wood construction; pure-white finish. Transparent glass-paneled doors pull open with silver knobs. Shapely top molding and recessed panels; minimal assembly required. Measures 13 by 26 by 32 inches.

White Cabinet with Drawer

Teamson Home Madison Floor Cabinet, One Size, White
Teamson Home Madison Floor Cabinet, One Size, White
Just the right size for those small areas. Slender floor cabinet provides drawer and enclosed shelf. Sturdy engineered-wood construction; pure-white finish. Drawer and cupboard open with glossy silver hardware. Glass-paneled door; crown molding; some assembly required. Measures 13 by 15 by 32 inches

Have you ever decorated a room in all white?

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Fabulous white furniture

and white area rugs

make any room

stand out from the rest.

Next the Kitchen & Dining Room

Casual Dining Table in Antique White Finish

With its simple forms, quiet traditional references, gentle curves, and distressed Antique Camden White finish, Camden by American Drew can create a country getaway, an urban loft or a classic antique den.

This group features rustic finish accents over poplar solids, maple and ash veneers, and select hardwoods, which lets the character of the wood show through. Camden enables you to fashion a perfect dining room corner to meet your individual requirements.

An 18" leaf extension extends this table to 82" for those extra guests. Base Style: Legs French Country Finish: Distressed Antique Camden White finish Material: Wood Top Seats: 6 Rectangular Shape Table Height: Standard Height Type: Casual Dining. Some assembly required, 18" leaf extends this table to 82" Dimensions: 30" H x 64" W x 42" D

Stunning Lacey White Curtains

Panel Tier Lace Curtains

Photo by Amazon
Photo by Amazon

White Panel Curtains Add Light & Beauty

What a beautiful look. Sheer and elegant for the perfect touch of class. Woodland's pine bough motifs are an authentic, beautiful design from nature.

Crisp and clean-lined, they're appropriate in almost any setting and any season. Window treatments feature deep-cut scallops.

Add place mat and runners of reverse-weave table textiles for an attractive inset with contrasting regular-weave motifs.

Photo by Amazon
Photo by Amazon

Mona Lisa Tailored White Lace Panel

I really like these curtains. To create this use one pocket top panel, 56" x 84", Engineered jacquard scalloped lace and Scalloped bottom, Color - White, 1.25" rod pocket

Why Chose Lenox?

Besides it's outstanding reputation for quality,

Lenox items can be mix matched with other patterns for a truly unique look and appeal.

In Lenox Tradition

Since 1889 the vision of Walter Scott Lenox has guided Lenox to set the highest standards for quality, artistry, and beauty. Today Lenox is among the world's oldest and most respected names in fine tableware and giftware and is favored by presidents, displayed in museums, honored with awards, and enjoyed in homes across America.

Elegant Lenox Dinnerware for Everyday - Selected Pieces 50% off for a limited time.

When you think of Bone China, do you think everyday or dishwasher safe? Well, you can with this selection of fine dinnerware by Lenox. It's elegant enough for guests, yet sturdy enough for daily use. Make every meal memorable with Lenox.

Fine China by Lenox - Voila Place Settings

Simply Fine Lenox Voila 4-piece Dinnerware Place Setting
Simply Fine Lenox Voila 4-piece Dinnerware Place Setting
A study in contrasts, Voila combines bold black lines with soft mica ones for dramatic effect. Its neutral hues let you add touches to reflect your own unique style. Crafted of Lenox fine bone china. Includes Diameter of dinner plate: 11", luncheon/salad plate: 9 1/4", all purpose bowl: 6 1/2"; capacity of tea/coffee cup: 10 oz. Microwave, oven, freezer & dishwasher safe. Guaranteed chip resistant.

Simply White Lexox Dinnerware

Lenox Simply Fine Effervescent 4 Piece Place Setting
Lenox Simply Fine Effervescent 4 Piece Place Setting
Crafted of Lenox fine bone china this design has countless specks, like grains of rice, create the bubbly motif that decorates each piece in this fine china set. Use for any occasion - iguaranteed chip resistant, so you don't have to handle it with kid gloves. Includes dinner plate, luncheon/salad plate, all purpose bowl, and tea/coffee cup. Microwave, oven, freezer & dishwasher safe, Diameter of dinner plate: 11", luncheon/salad plate: 9 1/4", all purpose bowl: 6 1/2"; capacity of tea/coffee cup: 10 oz.

The Exquisite Living Room

Designer White Leather Living Room Sets - Feast your eyes on a new way of combining shades of white.

White Sectional for the Living Room

White, white and even more white make this room magnificant. White walls, furnishings and flooring create a heavenly atmosphere.

I love this set and am so glad it is on the market. You can see why it is a big seller.

Perfectly Modern...Perfectly White - White Leather Sectional Sofa with Ottoman and Mini Bar-table Set

Don't stop yet.

Decorate with white paint,

ceramic figurines,

lighting or shelves.

Well, what do you think?

So are you convinced? White on white can work, if done right.

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All items on this site were available on Amazon at time of publication.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and gained lots of ideas for your home or office. Tell me about your shopping experience and come back soon.

© 2011 Fay Favored


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