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Catch the Wind with Chimes and Bells

Updated on March 24, 2016

My 2 Windchimes--one is big and one is tiny.

I love sitting in my backyard and especially enjoy hearing my 2 wind chimes. It makes my day more pleasant when I hear the soothing and mellow sounds of my bells in the wind.

On a recent trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea, California I passed through one of the hidden courtyards and heard the most delightful sound. It came from a very small bell with a 6 inch piece of paper dangling from it. The tiny tinkling was so soothing and made the courtyard of a book shop a happy place to be.

I just had to have that wind bell, so I bought two. (I kept one and gave the other one away! A wind chime makes a very thoughtful gift for anyone in my opinion.)

Continue reading to find out what other wind chime I have in my backyard sanctuary. (I have reviewed two on this page.) You can also hear their tranquil sounds. (There are video links that lead you to those tranquil sounds!)

If you look closely in the upper left of the photo (look for the yellow arrow), you can see a rather large bell hanging from the tree in this garden image called Zen Walking (Public domain) by Effy Huang. Keep scrolling down to see the image in its entirety to get an idea of how big that bell is.

Duel: Ringing and Dinging of Bells Do Soothe My Soul! - Catch the wind with chimes and bells, anyone?

Chimes or bells. Are they welcome in your garden, yard or patio?

I read a tip in an article that suggests that several days after you hang them, ask your neighbors how they like your new wind chimes. If they answer, "What wind chimes?" you need not worry if you are bothering them.

Do you find the sound of windchimes or bells soothing?

No! Chimes make me dingy and sometimes quite mad.

No! Chimes make me dingy and sometimes quite mad.

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    • Andrew4M 4 years ago

      Na Na Na.......

    • Mickie Goad 4 years ago

      @Grasmere Sue: Sorry to hear that you do not like windchimes. If you were my neighbor, I would move my chimes so they would not bother you.

    • Sue Dixon 4 years ago from Grasmere, Cumbria, UK

      I really don't like them!

    • Jemecan 5 years ago

      Noise is noise

    • pawpaw911 5 years ago

      I prefer it to be more natural, but as long as they are not too loud, I can live with them.

    • anonymous 5 years ago

      Not if they are over loud and constantly rattling. Instead of soothing they become an irritant especially at night if you are trying to sleep with the windows open.

    • kimbesa 5 years ago from USA

      I really like chimes, especially the ones that are musically tuned. But...there are times even so, that I want to turn them off. I also want to hear the birds.

    Yes, I like the music of chimes and bells (and sometimes my favorite band).

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      • jknake lm 4 years ago

        I absolutely love them. They really sooth the soul.

      • Mickie Goad 4 years ago

        @KamalaEmbroidery: It is always good to be aware that what you like to hear, your close neighbors might not. When living in a condo or an apartment, one needs to be aware!

      • KamalaEmbroidery 4 years ago

        Yes, I love the sound. But I live in an apartment and I'm not sure the neighbors do, so I don't have one.

      • Mickie Goad 4 years ago

        @SusanDeppner: Springtime is the best time to rediscover one's wind chimes. However, I enjoy mine all year long. Thanks for the verbal song you created in my mind.

      • Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

        We have tuned wind chimes and they're lovely to listen to, soprano on the back porch, alto on the front.

      • Mickie Goad 4 years ago

        @anonymous: I have been saving tags that come with new clothing. Some have the gromit already imbedded in the paper. I do not think that it matters what size the paper is. If you don't have any tags, then use card stock and punch a hole in the top. The strip that came with mine is about 2 inches wide by 6 inches long.

      • anonymous 4 years ago

        Yes, and I am now looking for a new paper to hang from my peace bell, purchased years ago at the Arboretum in San Francisco

      • Fairgame LM 5 years ago

        Yes, I love the sound of them!

      • Echo Phoenix 5 years ago

        very soothing and they give me a feeling of well being

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Its soothing music for my soul...

      • alex89 lm 5 years ago

        I love wind chimes, they remind me of my grandmothers garden when I was little.

      • dahlia369 5 years ago

        Bamboo chimes are my favorite.

      • ismeedee 5 years ago

        Sometimes and depending on what they sound like.

      • Caromite 5 years ago

        I like the sounds of windchimes. As long as they aren't to loud.

      • peggygallyot 5 years ago

        Yes I like the sound of the bells. I have some hanging in my front yard

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        The sound of wind chimes is beautiful. It's windy day music makes me smile.

      • anonymous 5 years ago

        Absolutely! I have two. My first introduction to windchimes was in Woolworth's years ago as a child. The sound of tinkling glass on an oriental windchime caught my attention and the rest is history. :)

      • YogaAngel 5 years ago

        I love wind chimes!

      • Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

        I usually do as long as it's a nice mellow sound. I don't care for chimes that are too loud or high pitched.

      • Leah J. Hileman 5 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

        My landlady has four windchimes on the lanai that I get to enjoy on the rare windy day in my town. Love the sound!

      • JodiFromFlorida 5 years ago

        I love any kind of chimes.

      • MrInfopreneur 5 years ago

        Not all of them. Some are just annoying

      • EmergencyPrepar 5 years ago

        I prefer the wooden chimes...they don't bother me like the metal ones. The wooden ones I find are soothing. I'm glad you reminded me because I'd like to get one for our patio. Just hope my neighbors don't mind:)

      • Mary Norton 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        I like ams me down.chimes. It cl

      • Rosaquid 5 years ago

        I love them.

      • jimbarnes lm 5 years ago

        I love the sound of windchimes

      Why should you have a wind-bell or wind chime?

      To add the element of a musical sound to your garden decor.

      The wind-bell has existed since prehistoric times. In eastern and southern Asia, these chimes are often decorated and hung from the eaves of sacred structures. The believed benefit? The attraction of beneficial spirits!

      In the 19th and 20th centuries, windchimes became popular in western cultures as decorative art.

      Source:"wind-bell." Encyclopdia Britannica. Encyclopdia Britannica Online Library Edition.

      Encyclopdia Britannica, Inc., 2012. Web. 24 June 2012.

      A small wind bell can make your garden a sanctuary. - This windchime makes a small "tinkling" sound.

      I purchased the Owl Shaped Japanese Iron Wind Bell on a trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea. I am delighted that they can be found on Amazon. These chimes are only a little over an inch and a half in height and width so they can hang from even the smallest branch of a plant. The paper that catches the wind deteriorates over time, symbolizing the impermanence of things. I image that I will replace it with card stock or even price tags from clothing. I recycle, you all!

      I suggest purchasing several of these small iron wind bells to keep on hand. A Windchime would be a perfect hostess gift if you are invited to an outdoor dinner. They are just the right size to pack in a suitcase when you go visit your Mom during Mother's Day weekend, too.

      Iron Pinecone Wind Bell #TIR095
      Iron Pinecone Wind Bell #TIR095

      A pine cone wind chime (bell) might be to your liking. I just might purchase one of these myself to go with my owl.

      Bird Shaped Japanese Iron Wind Bell #485006
      Bird Shaped Japanese Iron Wind Bell #485006

      This wind bell should make the same tiny (kind of like a "dingle" --my word) sound that my own wind bell does.

      Owl Shaped Japanese Iron Wind Bell #TIR158
      Owl Shaped Japanese Iron Wind Bell #TIR158

      This is the wind bell that I own and that is hanging on my back deck. i love the delicate tinkling of this chime. It sometimes warns me that there is a rain shower on the way.


      The tinkling sound of a Japanese Windbell:

      Does it make a "ding" or a "tinkle"?

      the tintinnabulation that so voluminously swells from the ringing and the dinging of the bells!


      the ringing or sound of bells

      The earliest documented use of this term: 1831, in Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Bells. (the quote above is found there)

      Doesn't sound too soothing, does it?

      I purchased my Japanese Wind Bell in California! - The chime reminds me of the lovely alley paths in Carmel-by-the-Sea

      If you wish to read about Carmel-by-the-Sea, please feel free to visit the page link below. Enjoy your trip!

      Wind Bell (the larger image from the introduction above)

      Wind Bell (the larger image from the introduction above)
      Wind Bell (the larger image from the introduction above)

      I also own these Corinthian Bells toned wind chimes! - They are much larger than the Japanese bell.

      We have a large place to hang these particular windchimes. If your yard or patio is small, you can find a smaller size on Amazon. We usually tie up the chimes when we expect a big storm. During a small rain shower, though, these bells make a lovely sound. Actually, the sound (bong) is very much like music on the wind. Not like church bells, but like the wind writing a symphony.

      Made in the USA! Watch the video below to see why you need these particular chimes for your garden.

      Corinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime, Green
      Corinthian Bells 50-inch Windchime, Green

      These chimes are individually checked by the manufacturer to insure the mellow sound.


      These Mellow Corinthian QMT wind chimes are made in the USA - Add tranquility to your garden.

      Hear why you should buy the beautiful chimes that I own.

      Not everyone lives in a house or a suburb. Some of you might live in a big city apartment building or a patio garden home with neighbors within an arm's reach. What soothes you when you go outside? My windchimes and bell calm my soul.

      What sounds do you hear by your home? - These chimes and bells would be a gift of the best kind to anyone you care about no matter where they live.

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        • SusanDeppner profile image

          Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

          I love this selection of wind chimes! I have a medium size and a smaller size and I love them both. Now I need a large set with a low tone, or a tinkling Japanese version like you have above. I'll take one of each!

        • Mickie Gee profile image

          Mickie Goad 4 years ago

          @Kailua-KonaGirl: Thanks for the positive comment for my wind chime recommendations.

        • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

          June Parker 4 years ago from New York

          I love my wind chimes too. It is so peaceful to sit out under the tree and listen to the wind chimes.

        • profile image

          vaigavenugopal 5 years ago

          I was thinking about this till i watch a movie. From that time i am planning to mak my own . i donno hw much success it will be. By reading this my wish became more stronger..thnk you..:)

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I love the sounds of the chimes and birds, I live in the city but I tune into the sounds I love and am able to tune out others. Congratulations on front page honors.

        • Mickie Gee profile image

          Mickie Goad 5 years ago

          @sdmary: These chimes are big in size and sound. The company makes smaller ones, too. They last a very long time.

        • profile image

          sdmary 5 years ago

          I had never heard of Corinthian chimes -- pricey, but definitely a superlative sound!

        • ArthurF LM profile image

          ArthurF LM 5 years ago

          I always wanted to get wind chimes but I am afraid that it will annoy my neighbors. I live in the city and I have to considerate of what other people may have to listen to. Great lens though!

        • SMW1962 LM profile image

          SMW1962 LM 5 years ago

          I love my windchimes. I live near a railroad track and hear trains all day, so the bells are very soothing.

        • Mickie Gee profile image

          Mickie Goad 5 years ago

          @MillBucks: Thank you! Even in the heat here in the south, I sometimes go outside just to hear the chimes in the breeze.

        • MillBucks profile image

          MillBucks 5 years ago

          We have several wind chimes in both our front and back yard and we can sit for hours listening to the beautiful sounds! Great lens!

        • JoanieMRuppel54 profile image

          Joanie Ruppel 5 years ago from Keller, Texas

          We have wind chimes, the constant song of birds, the background of the din of traffic and the sound of the locomotive train about 3-4 miles away. It's so important to teach your kids to listen to these outside sounds.

        • Mickie Gee profile image

          Mickie Goad 5 years ago

          @dahlia369: I am glad so many visitors have found this lens peaceful.

        • PebblesBedrock profile image

          PebblesBedrock 5 years ago

          My friend went to the USA on holidays a number of years ago and returned with a gift of wind-chimes for me. They produce are a natural soothing sound much like those in the video. They are not overbearing and add a peaceful aura to my back yard. I live in the city with my dog and neither have expressed a concern regarding the volume they produce. Although they are getting old, the metal rods remain intact and haven't lost their sound quality. I love the idea of a wind ball as that too would be subtle in sound. Very nice lens.

        • PaigSr profile image

          PaigSr 5 years ago from State of Confussion

          My parents have a set of wind chmes in their house. Its fun to see the cats jump up and make them chime.

          When it comes to calming sounds it is the rain even with the thunder and lightning sometimes added in.

        • alex89 lm profile image

          alex89 lm 5 years ago

          i have my wind chimes hanging on my balcony, and even though I live in the middle of the city, there is big park across the street from me where I can go and get away from the big city noise.

        • dahlia369 profile image

          dahlia369 5 years ago

          Anything soothing and relaxing is more than welcome in my world, including lenses like this one... :)

        • ismeedee profile image

          ismeedee 5 years ago

          I like the QMT ones, they sound lovely. I think people have to be careful about neighbors- not everyone will love windchimes.

        • profile image

          moonlitta 5 years ago

          Great idea- we forget to listen while in a garden and just look, sounds also help relaxation.

        • peggygallyot profile image

          peggygallyot 5 years ago

          I love my wind chimes

        • Anthony Altorenna profile image

          Anthony Altorenna 5 years ago from Connecticut

          We live in a rural area, and the backyard is filled with the sound of birds, the splash from the small waterfall in the garden pond -- and the cackle of the chickens in our coop!

        • InSearchOf LM profile image

          InSearchOf LM 5 years ago

          I have a wind chime on my back patio that I have had for over 14 years. It is made partly out of wood and I love the mid to low-toned muted, faint dings it makes. it is a suttle sound rather than an irritating constant ringing. The wood is rather old but the sound is still very calming.

        • magictricksdotcom profile image

          magictricksdotcom 5 years ago

          Great ideas. We've had chimes a few times, but they drive our dogs nuts so we end up taking them down.

        • profile image

          anonymous 5 years ago

          I enjoyed the video about windchimes. Very informative. I wondered how they managed to create the beautiful tones.

        • sarasentor lm profile image

          sarasentor lm 5 years ago

          So beautiful lens, i really enjoyed. It deserve vote up.

        • YogaAngel profile image

          YogaAngel 5 years ago

          No wind chimes here, but I do hear the birds on occasion

        • Scarlettohairy profile image

          Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

          There's a church just up the street that plays music and rings bells during the daylight hours. Even though it's taped and broadcast on loudspeakers, I enjoy hearing it on the hour.

        • profile image

          Annamadagan 5 years ago

          Great lens. Wind chimes are usually soothing. (:

        • winter aconite profile image

          winter aconite 5 years ago

          I've got a bell on my front door and love it!!!!

        • JodiFromFlorida profile image

          JodiFromFlorida 5 years ago

          I love the tree frogs. I know some people find them annoying but I love hearing them.

        • MrInfopreneur profile image

          MrInfopreneur 5 years ago

          believe it or not, theres a constant hum of traffic, sorta soothing. Not too loud

        • profile image

          EmergencyPrepar 5 years ago

          I love hearing the frogs chirping away as they are now.