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Window Replacements and energy efficiency

Updated on September 14, 2012
window replacement
window replacement

window replacements

Houses without windows is not complete.Even the offices or any type of rooms are added beauty by providing windows.To get the natural light for healthy living we must provide windows.In olden days windows were made out of wood only. Wooden windows with decorative curvings provided. Later for the safety issue, windows are fixed with grills. Then windows with glasses are introduced.

With modern technology , we started to searching for energy efficiency and low maintanance cost and more stylish look . So windows replacements started. We start with one by one concept to understand why we need to do windows replacements.

a) Energy efficiency

This is applicable for both hot and cold areas. Hot areas we always prefer air conditioner. As such windows are the source for heat radiation. When you put on the air conditioner to cool the room environment , the windows are acting as a heat source. So your air conditioner energy is not fully utilised.

In cold areas , we use heating source for rooms. At the same time your glass windows makes the cold air pass through. As you know hot air always goes up, leaving cold air in the room. Even the window leaking allow the cold air running.

To avoid these problems , windows replacements recommended. Nowadays ready to fix custom made windows replacements are done. Based on our requirement, say to avoid heat penetrating through window glasses certain type of coating is provided on the glass. This allows the sunlight inside the room , reflects the heat. so the air conditioner utilised with energy efficiently. Not only coating even inert gas filled glass pane windows are available. This type of glass pane solve the purpose of both cold and hot conditions.

b) Low maintenance

Certain type windows like vinyl one needs low maintanance. Unlike wooden windows , it is not required for painting. No worry about rotting and expansion or shrinking. This gives us trouble free windows. The look also stylish with this type. So we can feel modernised with this type of vinyl window replacements.

c) stylish look

Instead of doing the window repair , we shall opt for broken window replacement, to give windows stylish look. Because replacement window pricing may be equivalent or slightly higher than your window repair.Starting from wood, aluminium , vinyl windows are available like custom replacement windows with multiple options.

Apart from that, to protect the furnitures , curtains, carpets fading can be avoided with modern type of windows replacements. Not only that, with the custom replacement windows we shall avoid outside noise and pollution.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      Thank u for the comments Peggy W. Nowadays people go for energy saving with comfort.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Double paned...even triple paned windows make good sense whether for hot or cold climates as you say. Alas...our home has single paned. We utilize some dark exterior screens on the exterior in the summer to block some of the heat as do many of the homes in this area who do not have the newer windows. Most of the new upscale housing already provides at least double paned windows which definitely saves on energy costs. Good advice to think about replacing windows with the newer ones if ever broken.