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Wine Cork Trivets

Updated on October 7, 2014

Wine Cork Trivets

A wine cork trivet is both decorative and practical. You can even make them out of the corks collected from the wines you drink!

Frame kits for wine cork trivets come in a variety of shapes. With an interesting shape and perhaps mixing the hues of the corks you use, you can create fun and unique trivets to decorate your dining table according to your moods. Use a trivet featuring wine corks to rest your steaming stove pots and hot oven cookware safely on your dining table or kitchen counter.

If you do not drink wine, you can still buy recycled corks along with your frame kit at most craft stores or online. I have some for sale below. Also you will need some type of glue so there is a glue gun offered for sale too in case you don't have one already.

The photo shows a trivet of wine corks that I made after saving corks from wine consumed over many dinners.

Wine Cork Trivet Kit in the Shape of a Heart

This cute trivet kit in the shape of a heart is just in time for Valentine's Day ... But fun to make and use any time of year

Decorative Metal Frame for a Wine Cork Trivet - Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 7 1/4" x 1/2"

This decorative metal trivet has intricate woven metal work of entwined grape leaves and curlicues

* in antiqued brass style.

* metal base has four rubber stoppers for table and counter protection

Wine Cork Trivets on eBay

Here are wine cork trivets that you can buy or bid for on eBay today. Look at each of the listings for the trivets as some of these may be ready to use and not a project you need to make!

Wine Corks Still Life II - a Photographic Print by C. McNemar


C. McNemar - Wine Corks Still Life II - a Photographic Print

You may purchase this photographic print from

How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet

These videos should give you ideas as well as guide you through the steps of creating your own wine cork trivet.

Barrel for Saving Your Wine Corks

This barrel cage is a great decorative item to store your wine corks especially while saving them for your trivet project.

* made of metal

* many multi-colored glass accents

* oversized to hold a huge number of corks

Supplies for Your Wine Cork Trivet Craft Project - A Hot Glue Gun

Supplies for Your Wine Cork Trivet Craft Project - One Pound of premium recycled corks

Thanks for Looking at My Selection of Wine Cork Trivets and Trivet Crafting Ideas

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