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Updated on August 15, 2014

Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router Review 

If you want to take your home do-it-yourself woodworking projects to increase levels, then you must have the Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router together with you. The router is ideally made for not just rounding off edges, but in addition for forming smooth edges and cutting different basic patterns on wood. The handy tool features micro-fine depth adjustment arrangement which allows you to make professional quality along with very precise cuts. Furthermore, the soft-grip handles allow it to be easy along with comfortable for you to use the router for a long continuously. In addition to each one of these, the soft start technology doing work in Skil sk1817 not just delivers smooth starts, but additionally ensures less kickback.

Key Product or service benefits of Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router

  • The soft start technology is the start-ups smooth and boosts the lifetime of the motor
  • The Skil SK1817-RT1 router incorporates 1/2 inch collet capacity to help you use it for larger profile applications
  • The micro-fine depth adjustment arrangement, an important feature with this DIY tool, allows you to measure depth in the most precise manner
  • The twin position off and on start Skil SK1817-RT1 router makes it convenient that will help you the tool and also enjoy better control
  • The Skil SK1817-RT1 router has been supplied with a simple -release button as a way to easily make modifications to the motor as well as get rid of it when asked
  • Skil SK1817-RT1 router can be factory reconditioned item

Technical Specifications of Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router

Weight-- 8.1 pounds

Product dimensions-- 11 x 9 x 8 inches

Model number

-- SK1817-RT Automobiles

-- Corded-electric Motor-- 3/4 HP Number of handles-- 1 Special features-- Fixed base Batteries-- Not essential

Benefits and drawbacks of Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router 


Simple to operate

Good grip Good power output

Very easy to store Good precautionary features

Soft start technology 1/2 inch collet Micro-fine depth adjustment Dual position off and on switch Quick-release button for motor adjustments Competitive pricing 


Factory reconditioned 

What Customers Say About Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router 

I merely love this router !!

It's just fantastic! great! With 3/4 HP motor it is very powerful at the same time. I placed the transaction as well as the product was delivered by the due date. We are extremely pleased with this factory reconditioned product. I will definitely recommend it to all my pals. It Functions with both wood and MDF.

P. Franke 

It really is less expensive than its competition This factory reconditioned router provides solid performance so far. I got myself it because it comes with a single And 2 inch collet so when it possesses 1/4 inch adapter within the collet. Skil SK1817-RT1 is much cheaper in comparison to the competition products. The merchandise came because of the tools also.


Great Item !!

I might definitely recommend this system to anyone.


Useful gizmo !! Excellent price !!!!

I have been previously utilizing this router for some of the hobby projects i recently completed. I have used and worn out a great many other routers, however, this one has stood around all of the tasks. I used to be also pleased with the short product delivery.


I like this router quite definitely! Let me buy again I build several different types of furniture. I'm very content with this device.


Good Product!

I am pleased together with the performance of Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router. I bought two numbers of this router Body for hand-help projects and also the second for mounting for the router table.


Conclusions on Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router 

From your review, you can create out that there are a variety of satisfied customers just for this product. This is often caused by the versatility of the factory reconditioned Skil SK1817-RT1 Fixed-Base Router. The soft starter mechanism that's been provided for the motor ensures smooth start-up along with operation. More features like the soft grip handles, arrangement for precise cutting depth adjustment, 1/2 inch collet, etc., add a great deal of value on the product. No doubt about the fact that Skil SK1817-RT1 will be valuable tool for all your DIY woodwork projects. The truth is, it is advisable have item inside your tool resource should you be DIY enthusiast. It is for sure an affordability buy at $54.35 on Amazon using saving of $54.65.


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