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Fabric Yo-yo Projects

Updated on January 14, 2015

Yo-yo Projects

Making fabric yo-yo's is fun! It is a great way to use up scraps of fabric, sometimes as small as 3". They can be placed in plastic storage containers and kept in your vehicle, at the cabin or in your RV. Once you start making them, you will find you have hundreds. To add interest to your selection, make them in a variety of sizes and prints.

Something I found when making them is it is possible to make even the ugliest fabrics look good. You know the ones I'm talking about: the "what was I thinking" fabrics in your stash. I hate to admit it, but my fabric stash has a few of those.

Now, a few ideas to use them up!

Instructions on how to make them can be found in another of my Hubs. I didn't use anything other than a plastic template to make my circles, but tools are available to make them.

Project 1

A simple project to start with is a hot pad. It is very functional and can be made with only 25 - 1 1/2" yo-yo's. All that is needed are some scraps of fabric for the yo-yo's, two 8" squares of fabric and an 8" piece of quilt batting. (I prefer to use 100% cotton batting for my hotpads and oven mitts, as the heat doesn't transfer through as quickly as with polyester batting.)

1. Make the yo-yo's and set them aside.

2. Layer the two squares of fabric wrong sides together with the batting in the middle.

3. Quilt the layers together with your sewing machine either free-form or with a 1 1/2" diamond pattern.

4. Bind the edges with either a commercial binding or one left over from a previous project.

5. Join the yo-yo's together 5 X 5 and stitch onto the quilted square. A matching set can easily be made by doubling the amount of fabric and yo-yo's.

Project 2

Making a cushion for the sofa is also a nice quick project.

1. Cut two 18 1/2" squares of fabric and stitch right sides together. Be sure to leave a 6" opening on one end for turning and stuffing.

2. Arrange 49 - 2 1/2" yo-yo's in a 7 X 7 square and stitch together.

3. Place the stitched yo-yo's on the cushion front and secure with stitches between each yo-yo and also in the middle.

4. Fill the cushion with polyester stuffing and blind stitch the opening closed.

Project 3

Soft dolls can also be made with yo-yo's.

1. Make yo-yo's in assorted colors and sizes, and join together through the centers with double quilting thread to make the body, arms and legs.

2. Stitch the arms and legs to the body, and attach a pompom head as well.

3. Make the body yo-yo's the biggest, then two sizes smaller for the arms and legs. This toy is not meant for children under three, as stitching can come apart and individual pieces can cause choking.

Project 4

A table runner is an interesting project, not to mention a great conversation starter. A table runner is most often for decorative purposes only, so this one will not need a backing.

1. Gather (or make) enough yo-yo's for your project. For a 12" X 24" runner, you will need 288 - 1" yo-yo's.

2. Arrange the pieces in 12 rows of 24. They can be either all one colour, or you may wish to get creative and arrange them radiating from the center outward.

3. Stitch them together using a small whipstitch, catching only a few threads on each outer curve of the yo-yo.

4. Although a backing isn't necessary for this project, you may wish to use a contrasting colour to add visual interest.

If the thought of stitching together 288 yo-yo's intimidates you, use larger ones For example, all you will need for the same size table runner is 128 - 2 1/2" yo-yo's..

More Ideas

Yo-yo’s are also great for embellishing clothing and bags. Add them to a vest, denim jacket or tote bag. Group several together and add fabric strips for stem and leaves. You will have a neat little flower bouquet on the front (or back) of your vest or jacket in no time.

When it comes to yo-yo’s there are no limits. You may find yourself wanting to make something a little bigger than hot pads or cushions. Be adventurous; make that bedspread for your queen size bed! Happy quilting!


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