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Zebra Print Chairs for Kids

Updated on March 12, 2014

Zany or Zen in Kid's Bedrooms: Zebra Print Chairs for Girls, Boys & Toddlers

Fun zebra chairs for kids like these are the ideal addition to your toddler-to-teen's bedroom, where your decor can take on a zany or zen-like respite kids love coming home to after a busy day.

There's no more popular animal print than the striking black and white maze kids recognize early on as zebra stripes. Add this, among nature's finest gifts to kids' chairs and you've one great contribution to your child's bedroom or study zone.

While kids' love for zebra print is clear what can be downright dizzying is all those black and white stripes if we're not careful to corral them in a neat arrangement; we want dazzling--not dizzying! Scroll down for a peek at zebra print chairs for kids along with some great basic decorating tips for melding zebra print with your child's bedroom decor you'll both love.

Let's get started!

Image credit: The hot pink and zebra print chair for kids shown here is available below.

Zebra Print Chair for Little Girls : Harmony Kids Princess Heart Chair Minky in Zebra and Hot Pink

Zebra Print Bean Bag Chair for Kids, Tweens & Teens: Big Joe Roma Double-Stitched and Zippered

Full-Size Zebra Print Bean Bag Chair for Kids, Tweens & Teens: Powell Lady Slipper Zebra Print Accent Chair

KEET Roundy Chair with Ottoman, Zebra. (For children Ages 2 to 5)
KEET Roundy Chair with Ottoman, Zebra. (For children Ages 2 to 5)
Starting your new venture in decorating with zebra print is a great choice, as zebra can betray several different styles in your kid's new room. I love how zebra can make itself at home in cool and funky decor to the natural look of the Serengeti. How neat is that? Chances are, you've already set the stage for your child's room and are looking to complement the decor with much-needed seating, so you know which direction you're looking to go. So, I've included several different genres of zebra print chairs, here to give you a head start on what's out there as far as style. As you can see, there's no shortage of cute-to-coolness with zebra design. Your child's age and size will play a large role in your choice of chair, too. Where you'll place the chair will be another consideration, as well. With so many factors and options, I'll talk about style, size and decor along the way. Hopefully you'll narrow your choices down to one fabulous chair!

Kids', Tweens'' & Teens' Fuzzy Zebra Stripe Adjustable Height Task/Desk Chair without Arms

Kids', Tweens'' & Teens' Fuzzy/Furry Zebra Stripe Adjustable Height Desk Chair with Arms

Desk and task chairs really come into good use, especially for teens who need a quiet zone for those difficult school papers but during off time, they've an extra chair for friends and gaming. Having additions like these zebra desk chairs serve a dual role--as study chair and fun, decorative piece. Zebra print has a high visual appeal and will make a great contribution in your tween or teen's bedroom.

Creating a 'study zone' (as I called it with my own kids), is fun, and appointing your kid's desk area with every accoutrement to get their homework done without having to get up for paper, pencils and anything else that may seem an excuse to 'take a break'; I've had more than my share of that business!

If space is an issue, I would advise you "Go up." Simple shelves hung above a bulletin board with colorful baskets adds tons of storage on the wall behind your desk. You might even make your own desk from a small hollow door laid atop two small, colorful file cabinets that you can use for storing off-season clothes if they're not needed for files and books. I bought file cabinets at a second hand store, painted them and used them as night stands for each of my boys. The look was rather modern and I topped each with a metal lamp--Totally cool!

A well-appointed study zone keeps kids on task-- and excuses at a minimum.

Boys' or Girls' Round-Back Zebra Print Club Design Arm Sofa Chair for Kids'
Boys' or Girls' Round-Back Zebra Print Club Design Arm Sofa Chair for Kids'

Round Furniture: Taking the Edge Off Your Design

Zebra Print Club Chair for Kids

We often get a linear result with all the conventional furniture backs, beds and tables, so it's a welcome change to introduce a rounded-back piece like this zebra club chair into your space.

You can really soften the straight, cold lines in a room by adding the occasional round piece or by creating a cozy nook in an otherwise do-nothing straight-edge corner.

I love the 'nook-look' with a zebra chair like this one, here, created with a round, fluffy rug underfoot and a lovely (or cool) chandelier in hot pink or black overhead, adding a welcome spot of light.

It's quite budget-friendly (shall I say, "cheap?) to create this very visual, warm space within your space.And interrupting all those straight-lined furniture backs is a nice, soft touch.

A chair, rug and overhead light and, VIOLA!

Kids' Zebra Print Fuzzy/Furry Tulip Chair with Hot Pink Pillow & Accents for Girls

Sweetheart Chair by Newco Zebra Stripe and Hot Pink Chair for Little Girls to Tweens

Kids' & Tween Girls' Zebra Print Fuzzy/Furry Round Chair with Hot Pink Pillows & Accents

ORE International A High Heel Storage Chair, Pink Zebra
ORE International A High Heel Storage Chair, Pink Zebra
Well, if there's ever a girly-girl look to be had, it begins with hot pink and zebra print--on anything. Boutique style girls' bedrooms are still quite popular and are ideal for girls of any age. I'm a big fan of any decor for that lasts longer than six months; it can get downright frustrating decorating for maturing tweens. To create a convincing boutique vibe, I suggest going for artwork in ornate frames bedside, and large posters of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, NYC --even high heel and fashion themed art. Hang wall art in a straight line, gallery style. I often use posters for kids' rooms, where they can be bought for very little. I suggest you use standard size poster frames for a clean, finished look; plus, most posters are available in the standard 36" X 24" size, so come time to change them out, all you need do is pop one out and replace it with the new one. To enhance your boutique look, use a nice black metal (like the wrought iron look) dress form and hang a hat and pearls on it for a posh look for less, as well. Zebra print chairs like these are a perfect choice for a girly-girl bedroom, where little girls can be princesses and tweens and teens the divas. Finish your chair's look with the rug and lighting I mentioned earlier for a finished look you'll both love.
Wall Decal/Sticker Zebra Print Chandelier with Crystals
Wall Decal/Sticker Zebra Print Chandelier with Crystals

Using Wall Art for Dimension

Zebra Print Wall Decal 3D Chandelier with 'Crystals'

Like the linear, straight-line look I mentioned earlier, wall art can even take on a 'seen one, seen 'em all' flat appearance. But really, it doesn't take much to get your space--and walls--in motion, that is, up and away from your walls.

One of my faves for wall art are those amazing wall decals like this one that come in all shapes, sizes, colors, subjects--you name it; there's a decal to be had. Can you tell I'm partial?

Indeed, I've a penchant for wall decals, as they're removable, reusable, easy to apply and very economical (I'll go ahead and say it, "cheap"). I happened on this cute, or even, cool zebra print 'chandelier' that comes out and away from the wall, and comes with hot pink 'crystals' you can hang from the piece creating a 3D effect.

I always suggest making each decor piece as unique and substantial, versus plentiful and busy; it's best to have one big piece that stands out in each admirer's memory. A 'litter' of framed pictures on a wall will result in a busy, cluttered look--a look you don't want--that's what kids' wayward socks are for!

A piece of art like this zebra print wall decal will give you that WOW! look you're after without fuss--and funds.

Click on the image for more info.

Kids' Junior-Size Zebra Print Fuzzy/Furry Folding Butterfly Chair 28.7"L x 32.3"W x 34.6"H 220-lb. Capacity

Kids' Tweens & Teens' Full-Size Zebra Print Fuzzy/Furry Folding Saucer Moon Chair 30"L x 28"W x 29"H

Zebra print alone spells out f-u-n times 10. or, as mentioned, zebra print can be a serious addition for a jungle plains theme; it's all a matter of your taste for decor.

Obviously, these moon -or saucer- and butterfly zebra chairs can be paired with one or more other pieces for a cozy conversation spot (that may be called 'chatting' these days) that you've made by placing two or more in a nice arrangement, especially if your child's room is long or awkwardly shaped. The light-weight frames of these zebra chairs add to their fun and versatility, as you can tote them from room to room with no problem.

For a fun look, toss in pillows, rugs, and black & white posters with splashes of hot, bright hues like turquoise, pink and yellow for a high-energy kid-to-teen, trademark bedroom they'll love. Don't forget those wall decals for extra fun for a lot cheaper than conventional art needing frames. For drama, go big --even really big-- on the art for a less is more, fabulous result.

Set of 3 Zebra Stripe Paper Lanterns
Set of 3 Zebra Stripe Paper Lanterns

Lighting Up Kids' Spaces

Uber-Cheap Zebra Print Paper Lanterns

Here I go again with these zebra print paper lanterns! A room with poor lighting really does an injustice to a great decor scheme, so you'll want to really light up your space wherever it's lacking. I recommend a light source at eye level, overhead and floor level.

While all that light might seem a bit of a stab to the retinas, you'll be surprised that it's really needed to pull off a great result. I'm all for keeping costs down when decorating for kids; they grow so fast and their tastes for design seem to move in fast forward.

Paper globe lanterns like this zebra print set of three cost less than $11! All you need do is add hanging light kits to each and hang them at different lengths with a hot pink paper lantern for a fabulous, layered effect in lights. The light kits are available for less than $10 each, as well; you simply plug the in. Easy-peasy!

Click the image to see these and other paper lanterns.

Black & White Zebra Fold Out Arm Chair for Toddlers and Little Kids Bed Size: 47L x 15W

Zebra Print Big Joe Bean Bag Dorm Chair with Arm Rests for Kids, Tween & Teens

Toddler-Size Boy or Girls' Zebra Print Rocker Recliner Chair for Little Kids

Flash Furniture Kids Zebra Rocker Recliner
Flash Furniture Kids Zebra Rocker Recliner
We all need our 'own spot' where we can retreat to after a busy or stressful day and a chair is typically at the heart of cozy. Along with the predictable rug and lighting it's a great idea to have a place for housing your child's favorite pastime accessories. I've found with my own kids that having a place for everything is the only way to keep up with those oft gone missing gadgets and electronics. A small cabinet or repurposed toy chest can serve you well to corral the madness and keep order (indeed, it is possible!). Here's a few zebra print arm chairs that promise a more comfortable spot to chill out while lending to your total zebra or animal print theme. Keep in mind the size your child needs and your available space and you'll have a very attractive nook that will get a ton of use.
Neon Green Round Area Rug for Girls' Tween & Teens' Rooms
Neon Green Round Area Rug for Girls' Tween & Teens' Rooms

Using Rugs in Your Space

Colorful Round Area Rugs

With zebra print being a strong feature of your chair, you don't want a total barrage of dizzying zebra stripes everywhere. You can tame the stripes while complementing the chair, warming the space, softening a hard floor and grounding the corner (or other area) of your girl's room.

A deep pile fluffy, lime green or hot pink rug like this one, or even flokati, can create a lot of visual interest, so placing your zebra chair in a prominent corner of the room will give the setup the attention it deserves without going zebra-stripe fanatical with a rug of the same print.

As I mentioned earlier, top off your zebra print chair and rug with additional lighting to get into the spirit of a cool room your girl, tween or teen's been pining for. Go for black and white and tons of color for one fabulous look you'll both love!

Exclaim who your zebra chair is for!

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