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10 Clues He Really Is That Into You

Updated on September 6, 2008

True Love?



Looking for love? Having trouble deciphering a guy's true intention? Wondering if the new guy your smitten with feels the same? Men have a reputation for sometimes being hard to read. The false bravado, the iron-clad ego and the occasional nervous twitching can leave you quite confused. No worries. Here are ten clues that he's thrown caution to the wind and has already imagined the two of you sitting on a front porch far far away.

  1. The phone rings ~ and it's him "again" Are you finding your phone ringing way more often then it used to? Is he calling to ask you a question that you've already answered 3 phone calls ago? Seems someone is needing to hear your sweet melodic voice. A sure sign that he's just that into you is the fact that his mind has suddenly become one-track, and has little room to think any other thoughts but you.

  2. Intimate dining ~ When out and about in the crazy night life of your city, he manages to find a little hideaway bistro. One dimly lit, soft music and reserves a table tucked away in a private corner. Obviously, this man's been waiting to have your attention all to himself. Few men, ordinarily, fine tune such detail, unless they want to make sure they hear every word uttered out of your perfectly pouty lips.

  3. Punctuality ~ Your date is set for 7 pm and the doorbell rings at 7 pm. This sort of consideration is not in the usual guy's forte. If he's keenly aware of set times you've reserved just for him, and actually takes them seriously, then he's definitely walked into the valley called "love". Make sure to appreciate these important gestures. It will only reassure him you really are Ms. Right.

  4. Compliments anyone? ~ When your man notices every new little thing about you, no matter how small, it's a sure sign he's wild with passion. Even a few subtle highlights or a new perfume you're trying has him gasping and showering you with romantic words. It's time to admit you've got yourself a true bona fide "lovah".

  5. Share and Share Alike ~ Does your guy have an urge to want you to taste his en tree? Ummm, when dining, I mean. If your guy feels the need to have you try his pasta or his rich chocolate dessert, he's surrendered into infatuation mode. The average guy also has those certain Cd's or sunglasses he's grown accustom to, even keeping in a special place. If all of the sudden, he seems to want you to "borrow" them, you can be rest assured, you've secured that special space in his heart.

  6. Your opinion matters ~ When men ask you if you approve of the shirt they've chosen, or bring you a dilemma they're having at work, and sincerely listen to you for your expressed opinions, then you definitely have a winner here. Guys have trouble sharing emotion most times, so when they allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to allow you in, he's not only into you, but absorbed you.

  7. Respecting your friends and family ~ Is he especially careful to make sure your friends are having a good time when you're all out together? Does he value their opinions of him? Does he show the utmost respect to your father and mother and even siblings? This could only possibly mean, he's looking for a long-term committed relationship with you. He's begun to view them as his new extended-family. Why else would a guy endure all the tense extra-pressure?

  8. His friends can quote you ~ Have you noticed when around his friends, they straighten up their posture and become extra careful with their language? Do they spill some insight into your boyfriends constant bragging of you? Do they all know your name and begin their first introductions with "Oh so you're the girlfriend we've heard so much about", as your boyfriend uncontrollably blushes and smiles? Another obvious but endearing sign, he's fallen hard.

  9. The memory of an Elephant ~ Remembering everything you've said. He listens intently when you're reliving childhood memories. If you mention you loved tulips one time, and they suddenly appear for your birthday, he's paying attention. Your likes and dislikes become his new hobby. This is a man that truly cares about you beyond the lusting stage.

  10. Sensual Glances ~ You find him staring at you at the most inopportune moments. You're washing the dishes or reading a magazine and suddenly feel his eyes upon you. This is him wanting you and lingering in the moment. True love defined.



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