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2008 Super Bowl Commercials

Updated on February 18, 2008

If I watch the Super Bowl, it’s because I want to see the commercials. In fact, I think the commercials end up getting more news coverage and gossip around the water cooler than the actual football game does. It has almost reached a ridiculous point with commercials costing insane amounts of money for the coveted Super Bowl spots.

Are the commercials really that good? You be the judge! Be sure to let us know what you think about these ads in the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Bud Light Super Bowl Ads

The video below shows three different Bud Light commercials. Honestly, the middle one was so-so. The third one is great because…well, who doesn’t love a talking bird? Time to play patty cake? Classic! But, the first of the three is my favorite. Where would you rather be? At the Super Bowl, or watching the game from home? Watch the commercial to find out.

Bud Light Super Bowl Ads 2008

SoBe Life Water Super Bowl Ad

This commercial features Naomi Campbell dancing Michael Jackson’s Thriller with a bunch of lizards. Honestly, I love it! Why? Well, I love the song and the dance. It has made a serious comeback since showing up in a few movies in recent years. It’s catchy and cute. Will I buy the product? Probably not, but I’ll enjoy the commercial. Sure had nothing to do with football, though.

Thrillicious: 2008 SoBe Life Water Super Bowl Ad

FOLGERS Super Bowl Commercial

Whoa. This commercial stunned me. It is awful! So awful! I like to think I have a quirky sense of humor, but this is so not funny. It basically shows a kid cooking by himself (which is sweet, but so not safe). Then he takes the lovely breakfast to his parents (I think), to find three people in bed. They all yell at him like crazy. Totally ridiculous…um, after the whole Janet Jackson nipple incident, I thought it was clear that watching the Super Bowl football game is a family friendly event… Am I missing something here?

FOLGERS 2008 Super Bowl Commercial

Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Pepsi Ad

This commercial is supposed to be funny, I think. I’d rather just watch the football game than this commercial. It seriously sucked as hard as the girl in the commercial sucked on her straw. Justin is basically sucked closer to a girl the more of her Pepsi she drinks. He flies through the air and gets hit on the head a lot. At one point, they even make fun of Britney Spears (because that’s what the girl needs right now). What a let down. But, watch it for yourself and let me know what you think.

Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Pepsi Commercial - Magnetic

Bridgestone Super Bowl Commercial

Now this is a funny commercial. I particularly love all of the facial expressions of everyone, human and animal, in this ad. Plus, it is fabulous that no animals were injured or killed. This one is definitely vying for the best commercial of the year in my book.

Funniest Super Bowl Commercial 2008 Bridgestone

Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial

This is a cute commercial with a nice little lesson: let’s listen and learn from each other. But, politics are involved, so…

It definitely wasn’t a spectacular commercial, but it is definitely better than the Folgers one! It’s better than the Justin Timberlake one too, but that isn’t saying much. Coca-Cola seems to all about us “all getting along!”

Super Bowl Commercial 2008 - Coca-Cola: "Carville/Frist"

Best for Last: Planters Peanuts Super Bowl Ad

This is probably my favorite commercial this year. It actually came under scrutiny because it points out how women are objectified. If you’ve read some of my other hubs, you know I’m all about equality and women’s rights. But I know when something is funny, and this is darn funny. If you love Ugly Betty, how can you have a problem with this commercial?

Watch it and try to tell me it isn’t the funniest commercial from this year’s Super Bowl collection.

Planters Peanuts 2008 Super Bowl Ad


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    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

      I know, right? It sure didn't make me want Folgers. Actually, nothing makes me want Folgers.

    • profile image

      munroenet 9 years ago

      The Folgers commercial is so sad. And how is that a good ad the poor kid got hit in the head with a oancake.