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My Korean Adventure-part 1

Updated on June 11, 2008

so it Seoul

Traveling is my passion but Camille is my addiction, put them together and I reach my personal nirvana. So it goes that I arrive for a fix in Korea.

What at first resembles most largely populated international cities, it soon appears Seoul Korea is a feast for the senses--around every corner a new and different discovery.

Connected by various efficient modes of transportation are numerous areas with varied architecture ranging from clustered modern high rises, electronics mega stores, quaint antique traditional communities, all mingled in with ancient temples and palaces and possessing large manicured urban public parks in full bloom. Old and new coexist equally valued for its contribution to this amazing place.

Unrecognizable language sounds and gestures attached to smiling faces.

Printed signs looked like artwork instead of the advertising and information that they were.

Aromas of food which I had never smelled before and longing to taste. Exception: Insects brewed by street vendors on the street corners, that resembled caterpillars in size in shape but with brown armor like hard shell, au jus, it so appeared.

The streets were filled with festivals and blocked for the Lotus Lantern parade, in honor of Buddha’s birthday but it was as if in celebration of my arrival in Korea.

I felt as an excited 5 year old, truly in the now every second attempting to absorb as much as possible, trying to understand and some how participate.

All under the protected watchful eyes and guidance of Camille and Dave, they allowed me the pleasure of role-reversal at its finest and the beginning of a truly magical and unexpected travel experience.


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    • profile image

      Linda 9 years ago

      What an opportunity for you! And then to travel w/ Camille !!

      I was to go to Pyongyang, North Korea in 2000 but the trip was cancelled 3 days before we left. N&S Koreas were blowing each other out of the water over fishing rights and our invitiation to come & provide humanitarian eye surgeries was recended :( Can you post pics on this blog page??