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A Simple Guide in Using Twitter

Updated on June 9, 2008

Have you sent your TWEETS lately?

I've been a member of Twitter for a year already and so far I am following 84 people and I have 76 other people following me. As of today, I have a total of 1,654 updates.

Every active twitter account holder knows what I am talking about. So what is Twitter? I will try my best to explain it for the sake of the curious individuals out there.

Basically, Twitter is a social networking site. It is somewhat similar to your friendster or myspace account because you allow people to receive your updates and vice versa. You can also send public or direct messages to your friends just like in your regular emails or IM conversations. The only difference is that you have to keep those messages short as 140 characters only.

One of the best features of Twitter is that you can send and receive updates from your mobile phone for free! It means that you need not worry about not being able to tweet at all if you can't make it online for a certain period of time.

You can also search for the people you know at the search box as well as find people from a specific location. You also have the option if you want to keep your updates for public view or for friends view only. Third party developers are also allowed to make some application through API. Webmasters and Bloggers also love the idea of "tweeting" especially if they want to let other people read their latest entry on their sites.

Do you know that Twitter is not only for ordinary individuals? I've encountered a lot of famous public figures who use Twitter. Just try browsing one of these days. I actually found rapper MC Hammer there to my surprise!

Sounds cool, huh? Sign up for a Twitter account now by clicking here. For more questions, you can read their FAQ page. You can also follow me at Micamyx though I usually use the Filipino language when I "tweet".

Twitter Logo
Twitter Logo
Take a Glimpse on the Twitter Interface
Take a Glimpse on the Twitter Interface


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    • profile image

      Defmall 9 years ago

      This is a well written Hub.

      I really, really, really don't like Twitter...but I use it, because it gets a lot of 'press' lately and every good marketer should be using the most popular tools to reach the most popular people.

      It's not the app I don't's the inane "Tweets" that most people share. This is why I altogether got away from MySpace.

      Maybe I'm over critical. Find me on Twitter (Defmall) and we can follow each other!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California

      I'm so behind in this Twitter thing. Thanks for explaining what it is :)