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A childs punishment

Updated on April 4, 2008

As a parent, I am responsible for my childs education. Part of this education involves correct writing. I know its popular now days to abbreviate words and slaughter the english language. I do not like nor approve of this means of typing. I will automatically start deducting IQ points when seeing something written like this.

" o ok but u no wat u shld try and do?"

This was a sentence, I assume, my daughter wrote to her friend. Her friend was even harder to read and understand. The first time I saw this I warned her to use correct english and grammar at all times, even when sending emails. In the professional world, it is not very accepted to type this way.

The other day, I caught her still doing it, so for a punishment, I made her write me three paragraphs explaining why what she did was wrong, and what would happen next time I caught her. I also told her to use correct spelling and punctuation. This is the result, thought my readers would enjoy it.

"The reason I'm writing this essay is one because,my daddy told me too, and secondly, on my myspace I was typing the abbreviation for everything I could. I was typing my friends with stuff like : u,r,2 : the shortness of eveything.

It is wrong to type using abbreviation because, you will loose brain cells when doing it, it is not proper english to talk while using the shortness of everything, and you will start getting use to shortning everything; and when you are typing a school paper you could acidintaly write one little word wrong and you have a flying flag.

If Im caught using abbreviations agian, my punishment will proboly be a lot worse than typing a paper. Maybe, loosing cellphone for a week or two, no T.V. for a week or so, and no going to friends houses. Plus, I will get a lecture about what i did wrong and have to write another paper about why I did it agian after I've already had the punishment."

So, it appears I still have work to do with her.


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    • juggalo 4 eva profile image

      juggalo 4 eva 9 years ago

      I am a kid and i agree with you. Writing is ubiquitous and if we do not write proper then over time we will forget how to write proper! Please check my hubs and comment thank you!