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U.S. Government bails out AIG with $85 billion loan but can't provide universal, single payer health plan?

Updated on September 21, 2008

Own a home? You're not poor enough for free healthcare says government.

I've reflected deeply about the last four years; not only with regard to the state of government in the United States, but because my child's 4th birthday is fast approaching. What has been gained is a brilliant re-acquaintance with the truth in its simplest form; what have been lost are the remains of hope for this free-thinkers ideal for the society my spawn will go freely in once she reaches adulthood.

What kind of place would allow such a true neglect for its people? With today's bailout of AIG, and none for Lehman Brothers, nothing for our unemployed real estate and mortgage workers. Our teachers are among the lowest paid state workers. Middle class folks cannot afford health insurance. The house just approved a bill to expand oil drilling, and Ms. Palin is the best they can come up with?

OBAMA for change, people!

Preceding the last U.S. Presidential election, my partner and I were so full of hope! How could the citizens of this country possibly opt-in for 4 more years of baby Bush and his ignorant, abusive, and war-mongering ways? The writing was on the wall: the times they were-a-changin'. Not so fast. Enter Election 2004 where the man with the most friends (in the right places) wins by hook or by by crook. Not unlike social networking and search engine optimization, they seek more friends (money), not how to innovate for world change. Isn't our government supposed to be for the people? Wag that dog.


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    • mamatron profile image

      mamatron 9 years ago from 51st State

      I feel your frustration, Yvonne.

      Here we are 4 weeks later and not much has improved; there are certainly more to fall and not one bit of concrete support for homeowners and the unemployed.

      I will approve comments here because I believe in free speech; I would prefer that readers to form their own opinions, and accept the differences that make each of us unique.

      Thank you for your comment.

      - mamatron

    • profile image

      YvonneBrooner 9 years ago

      As an American citizen I find it sickening that the government is bailing out another greedy corporation. The corporations have "High Mucky-Mucks" who draw in shamefully high saleries/stocks and bonuses and sell the American people down the toilet. Yet our all faithful government conts. to bail them out when the corporate greed sends them down the river. Well where is the good old government when "Josephine Public" needs help? As a registered nurse who has worked hard all my life and now wants to start her own business where is the government? I can't get a business loan because my business isn't formed. I can't get a grant because the government gives it to big industry (again a waste of our tax dollars). They'll give some "Dumb Ass Yahoo) a grant to find out why frogs croak (and who really cares, except the Dumb Ass). But they won't help the one paying all of the taxes. They'll give hospitals a loan to build up more aide to the aliens and quite frankly they are already getting more than they are entitled to. Stop supporting illegal aliens/stop making their illegal children citizens and giving the card blanc entitlement to our (American Citizens) tax dollars and perhaps you can help law abiding/hard working Americans. I'm sick of being on the bottom rung of the ladder. ENOUGH OF POLITICAL CORRECTION. It's a BS slogan the media made up to force the Sheep to follow the call of destroying this beautiful country of ours. Let's say that all illegal aliens are deported no questions no exceptions. If they come back we cut all ties with Mexico, I'll bet there worthless/money grubing/pond scum elected officials will wake up and smell the coffee. Am I angry? You bet I am. I'm sick of seeing 3/4's of the small businesses in my area owned by immigrants who started on government money but yet I am entitled to nothing. There is much more that I could add, but unfortunately you will assume me to be a Bigot (not) but can any of you see the injustice being done in this country to the American people?