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Adsense revenue sharing

Updated on May 21, 2008

Adsense revenue sharing site

What is AdSense revenue sharing ?

AdSense revenue sharing means the ad revenue generated via page impressions and clicks are shared between the website owner and the person who posted the content in the website

An example of AdSense revenue sharing site is here

Advantages of AdSense revenue sharing

  • No need to own or manage own website

You don't have to own or manage your own website or blog.The revenue sharing website or blog will offer online tools to publish your content.The AdSense revenue sharing website will maintain the website.They will spend money for domain registration etc.Isn't it a good deal ??

  • No need to worry about traffic

No need to worry about generating traffic , The AdSense revenue sharing website will take care of generating traffic.No more being desperate about lack of traffic.

  • Make money without spending money

Now what is your opinion about AdSense revenue sharing website ?

If you are interested there is one website out there .

Ask and Answer. This is an AdSense revenue sharing website. No need to post long content here . Just ask and answer few questions and answers.

That's it .Isn't that simple???


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    • Kevin Peter profile image

      Kevin Peter 8 years ago from Global Citizen

      is there any other adsense sharing website ? other than getanswers?