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Affirmations Of The 13 Moons

Updated on February 27, 2013

Here's a wonderful series of affirmations that I have been using for some time now. You can do one affirmation, individually, at each full moon, in association with each corresponding tree moon. You can also do all 13 as part of your monthly full moon ritual cycle, or all 13 together in a single full moon ritual, or even at every full moon rite. You can take these affirmations one step further by using them as a guided meditation or visualization as well.

Affirmations Of The 13 Moons

1. I honor the energy of BIRCH, for a new beginning. I am able to change myself as I so will it. So mote it be!

2. I honor the energy of ROWAN for protection against darksome enchantment. I will not hobble myself with the chains of past failures. So mote it be!

3. I honor the energy of ALDER, for the protection of my inner oracle. I will listen to The Voice of The Great Goddess within. So mote it be!

4. I honor the energy of WILLOW, for the lunar rhythms within me as a woman. I will recognize and heed my own body's cycles. So mote it be! (Man's version: "I honor the energy of WILLOW, for the rhythms of passion that dwell within me as a man. I will recognize and heed my own body's needs. So mote it be!)

5. I honor the energy of ASH, the wytches wand. I will remember the axiom: "As Above, So Below" - and that I too, play a part in the larger scheme of things. I will link my inner and outer worlds. So mote it be!

6. I honor the energy of HAWTHORN for cleansing and restraint. I will choose what I place within my body-temple, and empty myself and my life of all that violates my personal well-being. So mote it be!

7. I honor the energy of OAK, the Doorway to The Mysteries. I will call upon the strength of The Horned One when I feel in need of protection. So mote it be!

8. I honor the energy of HOLLY, spear of the warrior. I will not remain passive and victimized, but will choose to fight for my own freedom. So mote it be!

9. I honor the energy of HAZEL, the tree of wisdom. I will heed my own inner intuitions, and will be wise and informed in my choices. So mote it be!

10. I honor the energy of VINE, the tree of conviviality and celebration. I will love myself and will celebrate life, not seeing the choices I make as deprivations, but gifts. So mote it be!

11. I honor the energy of IVY, the spiral to center. I will do all that I do because of my own inner desires. I will listen to myself, and will remain balanced and centered while I do this work. So mote it be!

12. I honor the energy of REED, the tool of the hunt. I will take direct action when necessary to protect myself, including the "killing" of old patterns, friendships and associations which harm me. So mote it be!

13. I honor the energy of ELDER which sees the end from the beginning. Throughout many lifetimes I have been here. I have the knowledge that I have changed myself again and again. I will start from where I am now, and continue to persist in my Path. I will succeed. So mote it be!


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    • Raven Emrys profile image

      Raven Emrys 9 years ago from Salisbury

      Greetings Karen!

      Thank you for the wonderful comment! I'm so glad to see that there are non-pagans out there that are reading my hubs without fear or malice. Many blessings to you!

    • Karen Ellis profile image

      Karen Ellis 9 years ago from Central Oregon

      Although, I am not of the Wicca religion, I have great respect for it and for you for doing your part to show others the reality of it. First do no harm. I applaud you.

    • Raven Emrys profile image

      Raven Emrys 9 years ago from Salisbury

      So glad you liked it - O Great and Enchanted Kitty! {{{Hugs!}}}

    • theenchantedkitty profile image

      theenchantedkitty 9 years ago from United States

      This was great!

    • Raven Emrys profile image

      Raven Emrys 9 years ago from Salisbury

      Dear KW,

      I am so thrilled that you enjoyed this one! If you would be so kind, I would dearly like to know how it works out for you, and in what manner you chose to incorporate it into your ritual practice. I find that feedback of that nature helps me in crafting future rituals and other wytchy practices.

    • Kitchy Wytch profile image

      Kitchy Wytch 9 years ago from Alabama

      I absolutely *adore* this post. You're right, the possibilities with these affirmations are endless. And, if one walks a Celtic (or eclectic with Celtic influenced) Path, these should be adopted.

      Thank you so much for posting this. It's fanfreakintastic!