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Against the Odds

Updated on September 21, 2008

Why Network Marketing?

I have had many people to ask me why I keep doing what I do (network marketing) when so many people are so negative about it. While there are many reasons why I do it, I would sum it all up as to being the security of it.

Of course, when you first start to build this or any other business, you don't have that dependable, "figure up your hours" paycheck that most people refer to as a real job. You have to have a lot of confidence in your ability to pursue in order to get to that point. But this is my thoughts on those types of real jobs.

1) If the company that I work for decides that they want to cut their personnel budget, they can send me home with little to no notice and my paycheck ceases to exist. Even if they have a lay-off and I am fortunate enough to receive unemployment benefits, that is a major cut in pay and is also temporary.

2) If I am fortunate enough to keep the job and my paycheck is not enough to pay my bills, my fate is in the hands of the company to decide what they want me to earn. Therefore, instead earning a living, I must live to earn. In this, I mean that I must live within the means that the company dictates that I am worthy of with little to no hope of improving my living conditions.

3) If a friend or family member becomes ill and I need time off, it is up to the company to decide if I can have the time I need to be with them. Or even if I become ill, it is their choice to decide if it is an excusable illness.

4) In most cases, the company would have a certain production rate that they set for me to accomplish in order for me to maintain my employment with them. Most don't even accept the fact that uncontrollable things happen to prevent the production rate.

5) If I am going through a rough time financially and need more hours, it is the company's decision as to whether or not I will be able to work extra hours in order to earn the extra income that I need.

6) If I have mechanical breakdowns that delay or prevent the click of the time clock then I do not receive my full pay for the week.

There are many more issues that I have when it comes to the real jobs that so many people refer to in society today but these are a few examples of things that I can control myself in network marketing.

Since I market someone else's product, it is in their best interest to allow me the opportunity to work as many hours as I prefer. The more hours I work to earn more profits, the more profits I also make for the company. Therefore, it is a case of scratching each other's back rather than cutting each other's throats!

I do not have to receive permission from the company if I need time off to attend to an ill friend or family member or to even take care of some personal issues if need be. I am allowed to work as much or as little as I want and build at my own pace.

I have no set sales that I must make in order to stay employed or to receive my paycheck. It is based on my performance alone and it is totally up to me how much I want to earn! I can work from home in my pajamas and still know that I will receive my commission check each month based on what I have put forth into my business the prior month.

There is a catch to network marketing and that is willingness to endure.You will be laughed at, ridiculed, turned away and most any other negative reaction you can think of for a while. But if you are willing to endure and be persistent, you will succeed and the negativity will eventually vanish from around you.

Most of this negativity stems from the lack of understanding in how the network marketing plan works and how the duplication of hours is such an important part of the system. Once you begin to show them your success and they see others are succeeding as well, most will begin to understand. Those who don't, simply live inside their comfort zones and close their minds to change of any kind. Some of them will eventually call and ask you to show them your opportunity again and others will sit quietly inside their little bubbles and go down with their ship. There is nothing you can do about that.

In the meantime, just keep enduring and have the belief in yourself and in your business that you can prevail and it will happen in time. For some, it will happen fast and for others it will take longer. The most important thing to remember is that you are building an income that will continue to grow and will never be taken away because you are in control of how much of yourself you are willing to give to build it. In the end, you will have the last laugh and those negative people will look back and wonder how they could have worked so hard for so many years and still have to wonder how they will pay their bills in their retirement years!

© 2007 Bonnie Ramsey


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