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Aishwarya Rai responses to Abhishek's critic

Updated on June 18, 2008

Aishwarya Rai has responded to a critic who called Abhishek Bachchan 's character in Sarkar Raj as "an emotional fool".A comment was left on director Ram Gopal Varma 's blog that apparently rattled the otherwise composed Bachchan bahu. A critical reader had commented this on the blog after watching Sarkar Raj: "Shankar looks like an emotional fool when he opens his heart to a girl from America whom he met yesterday?"

To this remark, Ramu gave a tongue-in-cheek reply: "Maybe he has a weakness for worldly beauties."But Aishwarya Rai seemed in a mood to take on the questioner and make him understand the subtle chemistry between Shankar and Anita in the film.

Ash replied thus: "When you have two people ‘confide' in each other, it's such a personal experience, it underlines a deep connection between the two on various levels...Given the realistic space in which the characters express themselves which is very much clear in the language of the film (Realistic in acting, dialogue, camera etc.) we chose CONFIDING IN as hugely intimate an experience to convey this deep connection, rather than ‘fans blowing hair and clothes, background aalaaps or song, round trolley movements, or rain out of nowhere and waltzing etc' to convey this. It's all in the Eyes of the Characters and in the intense intimacy of confiding! That's SARKAR RAJ!"

Gauging Aishwarya's reply, how we wish she begins to blog regularly. As for the critic, we suspect that most of what Ash said must have gone over his head.


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