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Aishwarya in a new role

Updated on April 26, 2008

There was a time when Bollywood's so called first family- the Bachchans world collapsed under the burden of huge debts running into crores. The production company AB Corporation, Big B's first try into the business of showbiz bit the dust and became the part of history.

Big B learned from his mistakes and the subsequent years saw him rise up like a phoenix to claim back tremendous success in his professional front.

Some not that solid media reports about Mr. Bachchan having plans to breathe fresh air again into his old company popped up from time to time.

But Big B waited patiently for the right time to take the first step again.

Probably 2008 can witness the start of the second innings of Amitabh's company.

And it's none other than his bahu who is taking charge as the captain this time.

Now that the B-Town is inhaling air of freshness in terms of different stories sans any pre determined formulas, efficient production management techniques and the professionalism that the new production companies have brought, the time is perfect for Big B to try his luck in production all over again.

New story ideas are reportedly being discussed for the first film with Junior Bachchan and his wife in the lead. The company also plans to go big time with as much as six films being planned for this year.

Aishwarya today is hailed as the perfect daughter in law that the Bachchan family can get. Now with ample time to spare due to committing herself for selected roles, Aishwarya must have thought of diverting her energies for building up AB Corp all over again.

In front of the camera, the former miss world has already proven her mettle. How good is she is in bringing fortune from the other side of the camera can be seen in the coming years?


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