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Save The Planet...Save The People

Updated on October 11, 2008

Does Anyone Care About Planet Earth?

I'm thinking we need a more, "Armed With More Ammo" (knowledge) type approach. Coupled with a more, "Mathematically Chemically Balanced" lifestyle, and attitude. we may continue to survive. The statistics in any given area are simply astounding. A study was done: Less than 50% of people are now marrying, out of 111 million people. We have sociopaths, homicidal maniacs, child molesters, fraudsters, etc. etc. etc., running rampant in our unraveling traditional society. Living right next door to you!

Our's ever changing, and adapting, doesn't make it right, or correct. We don't get the pleasure or fore site of seeing the end result. Our future children who are now being killed, or being pumped full of sugar, chemicals, and or brain altering ingredients, among other things...are the hope of our future survival.

Out of 111 million, if only 50% of them are marrying, to set out to create a family, then our future "is" in question. Our procreation, and adaptation is imperative for our survival.

I'm finding through much intense research, that the Major Common Denominator to this entire situation is a Lack of Chemical Balance in People. Thus causing a chain reaction of events, that most likely would not have happened if they were properly Chemically Balanced, and Nutritionally complete. The New "Goal" for every Human!

Hypothetically if all the people of the planet began eating only what grows from the earth, (literally) the Earth would suddenly flourish, people would become healthier, and more functional in the brain, etc. In turn creating a better forum for their brains to fire properly, and make better, more intelligent decisions...the results would speak for themselves.

I feel we've lost sight of urgent priorities that go hand in hand with the existence of humankind, on this particular planet. The planet was, and is dictating to us the whole time we've been here abusing it. Who will protect our planet, from mankind's chronic abuse, and destruction of it? Inevitably, we may have sealed our own fate at this point. On a mathematical level, I'm certain I cannot be alone in this very obvious fore front of Earth's true reality. The "Now Reality".

Mankind makes decisions for the Earth? Decisions, that knowingly hurt the planet? I can't recall who was appointed, "EARTH'S AMBASSADOR". "WHO" Represents MOTHER EARTH? WHO Protects "Her" best interests? Will we ever get it?

Our Planet Earth cries out. Is anyone listening? Our failure to hear the cries has pre-destined our demise. Refuse to treat the planet Earth the way it needs to be treated, and we seal our own fate. Who gave man permission to pump the Earths nutrients from it's layers? Who decided without any consideration for Earth itself that it was o.k. to do all of these things to alter it's status.

We have completely altered Earth's health, projected course of growth, and development, and it's ability to defend, or protect itself. In turn losing it's ability to protect us, feed us, & allow us to flourish. We were supposed to consider the planet, before we consider ourselves. The planet "allows" us to exist here because of it's own specific components, which we have basically destroyed, and keep destroying. How ignorant, and indifferent is mankind?

Man made these decisions for totally selfish, self serving reasons. There was no board meeting for a debate whether these choices were acceptable to Earth. There was absolutely no consideration for Earth whatsoever. People of Earth were given life because of the Earth, and sun. Our utter indifference to that fact, is where the wrong path for mankind was chosen. We can turn it around, but it has to happen immediately. Right now. The sustained damage will linger for an unknown lengthy period of time, if not permanently.

The planet isn't going to wait for mans mismanaged lifestyles, and government bodies to get their act together. It's not giving us a clean up time, and then everything will be just fine. This is ground in stone now, there is no turning back, unless we abruptly cease continuing to deplete, and destroy the planet, we will inevitably cease to exist.

Our intelligence is still very primitive. My best guess is we're probably operating at about a 30-40% capacity level.

The fact is, planet Earth provides us with every necessary component, nutrient, cure, and element to sustain life for millions of years, and beyond. Our lack of fore site, our sheer ignorance, and continued indifference has caused, and will continue to cause extreme permanent damage. We were supposed to live off the Earth, and gear things in such a way as to allow the "Planet" to flourish, in turn allowing us to harmony.

Mankind decided he would do things a different way, and here we are today with the looming question: Will mankind survive another 100 years? How many species have we killed off to extinction? Earth's rain forests, oils, gases, and it's host of other extracted, or destroyed items puts all of us in major jeopardy as a race. We "need" this planet in order to sustain life.

The suggestion of colonizing another planet has been presented...well I would say that's just inappropriate at this point. Mankind needs to take a long hard look as what we've done, and we need to correct it, and salvage this planet as best we can, without hesitation. Then we need to replant, & put back everything we took, for as long as we took it for. Our effort to reverse what has been done, is the area of priority for Earth...right now.

This is not how things on this planet were supposed to go. This can be established in many ways to demonstrate what we are doing is wrong, and inevitably will fail us, and the planet. People need to Patronize the Planet Earth, by way of eating more fruits and vegetables, and anything else that grows from the Earth.

Should people realize that this is a large contribution they can make in an effort to help the planet, the "People" themselves can turn this around. Stop eating CRAP! That is one of the traps, people seem to fall into. Pay the extra money for the "Fresh Fruit, and Vegetables", it's what is going to save you, and inevitably Mother Earth.

I think we need to demonstrate that were responsible with our own planet before we go spreading our garbage, and selfish, thoughtless behavior throughout the galaxy to other unsuspecting planets. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking the aliens would prevent us from doing that because we have not reached the appropriate level of intelligence, due to our misguided decisions, paths, and habits of humans.

It is mans "Habit" to "Take'...Now before us all are the mounting consequences as a result of indifference, and lack of concern on mankind's part. We have the ability, and capacity to be highly intelligent, yet we are so primitive as a race. Here we are today with the opportunity to "Heal" the Earth before it's too late, and we've finally managed to wipe ourselves out.

Plant, plant, plant, and put back all that we took. Gear your life around "Only What Grows From The Earth". We already have "ALL" the replacements for everything from oil, to heating, to electric, etc. Putting all our concentration on planting farms for food every 5 miles for example, (populated areas) every where. All people would partake in the farming process, (growing whatever would be appropriate to the region, and the rest in hydroponics),because their own food supply would be coming from their efforts, with a unique structured pay scale.

If our concentration were geared towards more land oriented production, to feed the planet, and replenishing the Planet...the entire planet...we could survive, and Mother Earth would blossom & flourish. We have a vast array of options which would be beneficial for both human survival, and Earth's preservation. We just need to wake up now, and realize each small family unit Can Make A Huge Difference by making all the necessary changes starting right at home.

Care now about your beautiful Planet, so your Children's Children, can look back in history, and be thankful that we corrected it before it was too late. Let's "Wake Up", and smell the "Fresh" Flowers, Fruits, and Vegetables Mother Earth Has grown for us! It's time we recognize her for her selfless existence.

Fighting for the Planet Earth!

Life Changing Book...Must Read!

Tiger by D and D Sears, Artists


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    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Thank you Britney! for the warm comment.

      I hope more people will adapt to the right way, now...hopefully.

      This is a People/Earth Health Quest for the Good of The Many! Thank you for being a part of it :)

      Take care!


    • britneydavidson profile image

      britneydavidson 9 years ago from united kingdom

      wow this is really nice.i m so glad to c such a wonderful topic in the hub pages..breat.keep it up.