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An introduction to mortgages: the ups and downs of different options.

Updated on December 20, 2007

Decxision To Buy

Buying a house is simply making a decision to own a house . On top of that is the other party who will handle the transaction and to a new buyer it is all questions rather than answers because the mortgage specialist will get all the reasons in this world to convince you tie up to a long rope of paying your mortgage. First she will consider how much is your annual income narrowing it down to your monthly amortization zeroing to how many years you are going to pay. You could change his calculations depending on how much you really afford and another thing before I forget is the downpayment. You can also work this out because it will reduce your monthly amortization. but there is another option if you have no money for downpayment the rent to own option which I did at that time when my landlord is raising my rent to high levels that according to the mortgage specialist could qualify me for the option to rent for six months and this will be my first downpayment so there I was on my way to own a house.


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