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Andy Griffith Show Memories : Episode #36 - Mayberry Goes Bankrupt

Updated on February 29, 2008

Mayberry Goes Bankrupt


Poor Frank Myers (Andy Clyde) is about to get evicted by the town council. He then discovers an old bond that the city of Mayberry issued 100 years ago.

Season Number: 2

Episode Number: 36

First Aired: October 23, 1961

Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart

Director: Bob Sweeney

Cast/Crew/Guest Stars

Ron Howard (Opie Taylor)

Don Knotts (Barney Fife)

Andy Griffith (Sheriff Andy Taylor)

Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee Taylor)

Dick Elliott (Mayor Pike)

Warren Parker (Harlan Fergus)

Jason Johnson (Councilman)

Andy Clyde (Frank Myers)

Phil Chambers (Jason)

Hal Torey (Motorist)

Episode Summary

Andy is forced by the town council of Mayberry to evict Frank Myers (Andy Myers), the poorest man in town, for failure to pay his taxes. Andy and Frank discover that Frank has an old bond issued by the town worth nearly $350,000. This problem is that the town has nowhere near enough funds to pay Frank. Suddenly, the same people who wanted to evict him can't do enough for him, including renovating his house. However, it turns out that the bond is worthless and Frank is once again looked down upon. In the end, Andy is able to teach the principle of "love they neighbor."


The name Frank Meyers appears in the end credits for just about every episode of the show. The character Frank Meyers in this episode was named after a member of the crew.

The series was filmed entirely in Hollywood, at Desilu Productions on the former RKO Pictures lot. Mayberry exteriors were shot on the former Selznick International Pictures lot, later known as Forty Acres. The rural fishing hole that opened each episode was Franklin Canyon Lake, just north of Beverly Hills. Franklin Canyon was also the site of the show's Myers Lake and other outdoor locales.

The whistled theme song, "The Fishin' Hole" was composed by Earle Hagen (the music coordinator and famous whistler of the show) and Herbert Spencer, with unsung lyrics by Everett Sloane. Hagen also wrote the music for the series.

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