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Answer Analyst Review Article Research Software Review

Updated on February 2, 2009

Answer Analyst Review

What is Answer Analyst? It is a new software package that goes in a different direction. This is research software. It is like having Google Search on Steroids.

Most Article Writing Software? Most Software currently available will spin your articles or try to spin articles that are already on the net. Most of the currently available software does not add value to your writing or the web.

Write good content.  That is the basis of everything you do on the net.  Once you get that down then the second step is get links to that content. 


Snowy Day from my Answer Analyst Office

A snowy day from my office window.
A snowy day from my office window.

Research Software

So what is Research Software and how is it different than just using Google?

I consider this a whole new type of software. It seems to work like Ask only better. It is built to return answers to question you ask. In Google when you aske a question you get a mumble jumble of information.

This software is really cool because you can specify the size of the answer, just a sentence or two, up to a large answer. 

This software will get you information to write good well rounded articles.  You will not have to make several searches with Google.  Then you can highlight what you want to keep and add it to your save it file. 

Spring is coming I hope!

The Future of the Internet.

I believe the search engines are going to get smarter and smarter. I believe over the next 5 years the duplcate content issue will become a non issue. How? The original content will be given top priority and all the me too information will be lost in the backwaters of the Google index.

Will duplicate content be punished? No, in the future it will be identified and quickly lost. This is already the case a lot of times.

Will all the work you put into building links on Article Directories be of any value? yes and no.

Yes if the content you put on the Article Directory is original, readable and good your link in that content will work.

No if the same content is put in a bunch of low rated directories all over then only one link from that work will count.

I only recommend working with the top few Article Directories. Just like the top search engines are all that gets used, in a short time the me too article directories will see their meager rankings diminish even further.

We are already seeing that Directory links are almost worthless. They were all the rage a few years ago. That system was easy to game. The search engines caught on.

Any system for developing links that is easy to game will become worthless as the system gets gamed. The article directory system has become easy to game and is in the process of becoming valueless.  

Answer Analyst Video

Answer Analyst

So how does Answer Analyst fit into this? This is the first software I have found that actually helps you Write Smarter Better Content.

You can learn about what you are writing quickly and convert that education to content. This is the smartest software for article writing.

Check out this Answer Analyst Video Review.

Do you think the Search Engines will get smarter?

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    • profile image

      Max Tracfone Deal 9 years ago

      Writing good content faster sounds like the ticket to me. Have you tried the software yet?