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Anyone Else In Love With Red Bull Simply Cola?

Updated on January 6, 2009

Red Bull Simply Cola, is Simply Addicting

 I have been simply addicted to Red Bull Simply Cola for about a month now. It has become like crack to me, I cannot go a day without downing one for breakfast.

Red Bull Simply Cola is one of the newest energy drinks made by Red Bull, and it contains all natural ingredients.

I stumbled upon this gem one morning while browsing for a quick pick me up drink at my local Sevs (711). Oddly enough, Red Bull Simply Cola was not placed next to it's original sister drink Red Bull. In fact they instead had he drink lined up with other soda products. Perhaps a mistake on the employee stock boys part, but to be honest this is where I have seen Red Bull Simply Cola being stocked ever since I discovered it.

It comes in a silver, red and blue can, and although it does resemble the same slim slender design the original Red Bulls come in, it's easy to miss nonetheless.

Flavor, flavor flavor!!! Red Bull Simply Cola packs such a powerful cola flavoring to it, and although it has a little more bite than I was used to, it became an addicting acquired taste. I've always been a cola fan though, and when I first got a taste of Red Bull Simply Cola I couldn't just chug it down, due to it's powerful kick. I prefer to sip on it throughout the day for a quick mental booster while sitting behind my desk at work.

I can seriously have a can open for hours, and the cola never goes flat, this is another thing I love about the new energy drink.

Speaking of energy...yes,Red Bull Simply Cola indeed packs a powerful energy rush, and it is fast and long lasting. Best of all though, it does not leave you feeling drained or extremely tired when you come back down from the energy rush the drink provides.

 really did not think I would be a fan of Red Bull Simply Cola, because I absolutely hated the original drink. The original tastes like melted salty lollipop syrup. Red Bull Simply Cola Good stuff.




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    • zachryals profile image

      zachryals 6 years ago

      It's not an energy drink. But you are lucky to be able to find it, the only place I have found it was Big Lots. and they don't have it any more.