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Are Britney's Children In Danger?

Updated on January 15, 2009
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Sunshine is a wife, mother of four, a relationship expert, a journalist, a photographer, a public speaker, and author.

Are they in danger?


It seems that the pressures of life as a mommy and a once hot mega-super-star are too much for the blond bombshell, Britney Spears. Sadly, her recent actions in a clothing store with Photo-boy Adnan Ghalib, whom Britney supposedly spent 45 minutes in a naughty changing room session with before emerging in the nude, don't shock us in the least any more.

The question of the day is:

Are her children safe enough to visit her, or are they in danger?

Britney in 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'

Since she was seventeen, Spears was an instant icon. She was the epitome of beauty, lust, sexy, and everything any girl wanted to be. Britney loomed in every man's fantasy, and every woman's envy. She was the perfect combination of naughty and nice. Her debut album, ‘Baby One More Time' launched her stardom instantly. She was the little girl dressed in the sleazy, yet nonetheless, Catholic school girl outfit with the pigtails that everyone was dying to talk about. Spears tried to paint herself as an innocent role model, having cuss words in a movie taken out, and turning down anything that would tarnish her reputation.

She was the epitome of beauty

Her empire is immense


Her next three albums, ‘Oops....I did It Again', ‘Britney', and ‘In The Zone' propelled her even further into international fame. Her single, ‘Toxic' blessed her with a Grammy in 2003. Brit was on top of the world, and untouchable. She's co-produced a movie, she's made a cameo appearance in many other productions, and has two perfumes. Her empire is immense.

Things started falling apart

Brit overindulged in everything


Also in 2003, things started falling apart, or that's the time frame the public sees. Britney became a woman with about as much grace as a dinosaur in stilettos. She began to publicly drink, smoke, do drugs, and even tried to upstage the dancers at burlesque clubs, like she had to prove she was the hottest thing since fire. She's seen carried out by body guards after parties, married a friend in Vegas on a whim, and overindulged in everything.

Kevin Federline


In 2004, she married Kevin Federline and gave birth to not one, but two children, who the public watched in horror as she stuffed their toddler mouths full of gum, carried them on her lap when driving, and basically did all the things you're taught not to do with your kids. In 2006, crazy rumors of the couple's unraveling relationship burn through the papers like fire, and it wasn't long before we heard the end of that story.


The legal battle that ensued was a catastrophe for the Diva, but she'd already lost control and given up. Pictures of her nether regions were plastered everywhere. She shaved her head. She was running people over, getting in trouble for hit and run, and forced to enter rehab. The problem with rehab is that you have to want to get better in order for it to work. This writer is convinced that Britney is on a path no less destructive than a category 5 hurricane, and those two little babies are like victims crying out for help from a rooftop that you can't quite get to.

She shaved her head

Now the children are in danger


Sadly, my heart broke for the pop star as they wheeled her out on a gurney to take her to the hospital after a long standoff with police. She didn't want to give up her children. What mother would? Visions played in my head of a shell of a mother held her babies, knowing that she was loosing them. Knowing she had to let them go because she was out of control, and loosing that last bit of sanity as they were taken from her drove her over the edge. In that instant, the humanity left her, and all that remained were animal instincts. She knows she's supposed to fight for them, but she can't remember why. Then, something snapped and hopeless got its long boney fingers on her heart.

We all remember


Now the children are in danger. There is no guarantee weather or not they will be safe with her.

We all remember Susan Smith, who in 1995, strapped her two boys into her car and sent it into a lake, killing the children. Her pleas to find her ‘attacker' were national news. In 1983, Diane Downs shot her children, and blamed it on an attacker. Let's not forget

Andrea Yates, who killed her five children in 2001. The signs are clear. Britney is out of control. There are clear signs of substance abuse. Her mental state is-well, in a state of turmoil. She's left suicide notes for people to find explaining how she's let everyone down. What judge in his right mind would let her be alone with those kids?

I will be praying


Some debate that she didn't stand a chance at a normal life. She was groomed from birth to be a star. How do you teach a person how to be a meaningful part of society between voice coaches and dance lessons? How to you teach a little girl how to grow up and be a wife when all that matters is the next audition, and putting her in front of strange people in hopes that she'll make it big? Some debate that stardom made her the way she is. Either way, I fear her existence on this planet will come to an end soon if something doesn't make her see the light. So, while all of you are glued to the television, just waiting to get another glimpse of Britney Spears so you can bash what she's doing now, or gab about how much fatter or skinnier she is than the last show, I'll be praying for her, because all I see is a little girl who wants to be held by her mommy, but was instead pushed to the edge of reality, and I'll be praying for the safety of those little boys who didn't ask to be put in the middle of this nasty battle in the first place.


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