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Are You Impacting Poverty Anywhere?

Updated on December 6, 2008


Waiting for Food

I received a notification in my email tonight from a blogger on named WriteOn! His post was a call to action for all bloggers to blog about worldwide poverty and actions that can be taken to reduce it NOW!

Here is the link to his page:

I started to think how my entire life experience has been the complete opposite from the poor and impoverished. I was born in the USA, in California, one of the richest and most abundant states in the United States of America.

My childhood was idyllic, growing up in a small town, attending good schools, and raised by parents of modest incomes based on the middle-classes in America of that time. I do not remember being sent to bed or to school without a full stomach.

I received regular medical and dental care, even braces and orthodontia to straighten my teeth.

I had bikes and skateboards, toys and board games. I took for granted that when I went to the refrigerator, there would always be fresh healthy food for me and my brother and sisters. We always went on a once a year vacation to the beach or mountains, or desert.

Now I think of the mother or father raising their children in India, Africa, parts of Mexico, and even in the USA, putting their children to bed without supper, watching their bodies shrink from malnutrition, and watching them slowly die from a lack of medical care, something I have never experienced.

Let each reader of this HubPage, take a moment out of their day, and reflect on one simple act of kindness they might perform for a poor person tomorrow. I don't mean just throwing cash at the problem. I mean identifying one person who you can help consistently for up to a year or longer.

Our family supports a school-age child in India for $25.00 per month. The program is called CCC. He receives three square meals a day, new clothing, medical care and an education, so that his life experience will break the chain of poverty experienced by his ancestors and parents. We receive a handwritten letter and a photograph of the child about three times per year, with an english translation provided by the caregivers.

A comforting thought is that 100% of our donation goes to the child and his family, effectively doubling the family's monthly household income.

If this is an amount you could afford, think about contacting the organization of your choice and start this tomorrow. When I go to sleep each night, I think about a young child thousands of miles away, sleeping with a full stomach, and the promise of a brighter future, thanks to our modest contribution.

Please let me know if you can blog about "Blog Action Day October 15, 2008" and the world's poverty, and maybe the observation can be an ongoing dialog around this new community of Web 3.0 readers and bloggers. It might just make bad evening news seem less important?

Respectfully, Nicholas


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    • coffeealera profile image


      6 years ago

      I am certainly trying to help people in bad situations. Thanks for the hub, I truly enjoyed it.

      Voted up and awesome for you.

      Andy from


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