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Atlantic EGO icebar waterproof iPod speakers

Updated on March 26, 2008

Clearly, there are some people that are so addicted to their iPods that they would take them into the bathroom or shower. Well, I think we all remember that warning our parents gave us not to play our radio by our bathtub, or an accidental fall would result in a very shocking experience. While I’m not certain if this example using an iPod would result in electrocution, I’m pretty certain that it would result in at least a ruined iPod.

However, with the icebar Atlantic EGO, you can store your iPod in a waterproof case. Not only is the icebar watertight with a special airtight latch, but the iPod is housed in a durable shell that is triple-fortified for protection. The plastic case is made of a shatterproof polycarbonate body that could probably stop a bullet. It also has some rubber bumpers in the corners for extra durability, and the iPod is stored in a shock-resistant frame. Yet even with all this protection, you can still operate the clicker wheel without a hitch.

There are high powered speakers which blast some good sound for something so small. The bass is so good, that you can now you can sing in the shower with some backup. In fact, you can even put it in the bathtub, and it will float. If your iPod has video capability, feel free to watch a movie on your lap while you relax in the tub. There are some audio volume controls are located on the side, and they are waterproof as well.

I can’t tell if you can use this icebar with headphones and still have it be waterproof, but it has a 3.5mm jack for that. The EGO also comes with a handstrap that acts as a buoy. It looks like those keychains you see at boating stores that will keep your keys afloat if you drop them in the water.

Not only can you buy the icebar for your iPod, but the icebar also comes in a model compatible for the nano called the icebar 2. The icebar 2 is made for the iPod nano 1st and 2nd generation. Just so you know, the icebar 2 is not compatible with the iPod classic or the iPod shuffle.

Another useful fact is that the iceBar is not powered by iPod, but requires three to four (depending on model) AAA batteries in order to get it to work. You should be able to get it in April for the price of $69.


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