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Augusten Burroughs - American Writer: Memorist & Novelist

Updated on January 25, 2008

All About Augusten Burroughs

Just like his books aren't run of the mill, Augusten Burroughs had quite the whirlwind of a life, taking a non-traditional route to becoming one of America's best selling authors. No doubt, it was his personal story -- and his candid approach at sharing it- that launched him into literary fame.

Augusten was born in 1965 and raised in Western Massachusetts. For more on his upbringing, just read Running with Scissors- a short online bio can do no comparison! Today, he is the author of numerous bestsellers. He resides in Mass. and New York City with his partner, Dennis and their two dogs, Bentley and The Cow.

Prior to his successful writing career, Augusten worked his way up and made quite the name for himself in the NYC advertising industry (which provided much fodder for his memoirs by the way), working on the image and branding of many national accounts. Not too shabby for a guy who dropped out of high school-- goes to show creativity and talent do not necessarily come (nor is it recognized) by the American education system.

Augusten Burroughs Bibliography

Sellevision (2000)- A novel about the casy and crew and hilarious follies at a home shopping networking.

Running with Scissors (2002)- childhood memoir about Augusten's upbrininging- from being raised by a aspiring poet and (and slighty twisted) of a mother and an alcoholic father-- to being adopted by his family's shrink. See my review of Running with Scissors here.

Dry (2003)- Augusten's memoir of going to rehab.

Magical Thinking: True Stories (2004)- a collection of essays-- true stories, primarily focused on Augusten's adult life- work, relationships and such.

Possible Side Effects (2006)- another collection of essays spanning from Augusten's childhood to his adult life.

A Wolf at the Table (April 2008)- a memoir about Augusten's father.

You Better Not Cry (unknown) - Augusten is said to be working on a memoir about Christmas memories.


Running With Scissors (2006) - a film version of Running with Scissors was relased in 2006, with Augusten making a cameo appearance at the end. The movie was produced by Brad Pitt, among others and starred Gwenyth Paltrow, Annette Benning, Alec Baldwin, Brian Cox and Evan Rachel Wood.

A Wolf at the Table (forthcoming)- Red Wagon Pictures secured the rights to Augusten's upcoming memoir about his relationship with his father.

Augusten Burroughs on Amazon


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