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Avoiding a Bad Haircut

Updated on July 14, 2008

Our crowning glory. Cascading curls, bone-straight and sleek, glorious waves. Hair is just hair, right? Well, I suppose if you don't have much of it, that statement would be quiet comforting. I will have to regretfully, but ever so gently have to burst that imaginary bubble. Good hair is akin to an exquisite sunset.

Our hair makes a statement. It says "I care, therefore, I have pretty hair". Simplistic, yes. The Truth? Most definitely. Ask the hair care industry. Ask the Park Avenue type salons that charge $100.00 for just a trim. But, most of all, ask yourself. A good hair day can literally make or break an important job interview. It can also put you in the perfect frame of mind to meet you latest soul mate. Or just make you giddy for no other apparent reason.

If you find yourself one day going into a salon and coming out with something less than what you truly desired, then here are some tips to consider to possibly save yourself some heartache and lessen an otherwise unfathomable hair catastrophe.

1.Be brave. Most hairdresser's, at least those that have integrity and professionalism, want to know that you are leaving happy. If somewhere in between "hi" and "you're all set" , the communication broke down, be upfront and let them know. Before leaving that chair is your best and safest opportunity for salvation. Many times, a simple solution will be found and you won't be charged.

2.Realize no matter how bad you think it looks in the salon when you leave, a lot of it may have to do with bad styling. After all, only we truly know how our hair should be parted or where we need more oomph. Go home, wash it again and restyle it. Chances are, you'll love it or at least it won't seem as bad as you originally thought.

3.Try a new styling product. Sometimes, the stylist will use something that will have the opposite effect of what you wanted. If you wanted your hair fuller, then there's some great products that will pump up the volume. If you wanted a more tailored look then there's great products for that as well.

4.Are you a Red Sox fan? Well, you are now. Baseball caps may be a bit much, but there are great headbands and scarves out there that will adjust your hair temporarily while it grows out just enough for you to regroup. Did you know that hair grows about an inch per month? That's 6 inches in one short year. Not bad, considering how fast time goes whizzing by.

5.Extensions anyone? Ask any Hollywood Starlet or even that friend of yours with the long perfect hair and you might just realize how popular extensions have become. A bit pricey for some, but the advantages far outweigh the cons. See someone who specializes in hair extensions and see what some of your alternatives might be.

6.Put into perspective. I know it may seem like the end of the world as you know it, but in the words of the glamorous Christina Aguleira "I am beautiful, no matter what they say", beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Smile and be ultra-confident. Confidence is 9/10 of real sex-appeal anyway


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