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Backup All My Drivers

Updated on January 13, 2009

Backup All My Drivers

If you're about to re-install your operating system, or having difficulties, you're porbably concerned over finding all of your drivers again. This is a valid concern. Without the proper drivers, your system will not function as it should. You should definitely back all your drivers on CD, a flash driver, or some type of media before your system has an operating system re-install or crashes.

Is a matter of fact, right now might be the perfect time to backup your drivers. While your system is running and operational is the time to back things up. Don't wait till it's too late! Many people want to wait until their systems are showing signs of trouble before they opt to back things up. Most of the time, it's too late.

How To Backup Drivers

Drivers consist of several files that get installed in special windows directories and windows writes registry entries pointing to the different files.

There are a couple ways to backup your drivers:

  • Backup The Files Manually and hope you don't miss something
  • Find a driver backup utility and pray it doesn't have a virus in it and you are in worse shape.
  • Keep or Copy and Keep your original drivers.

Who wants to hang onto the original drivers disks though right? How out of date are those when they come out of the box much less a couple years later?

Backup Your Drivers The Easy Way

There is a trusted application out there called "Driver Detective" that can back your PC Device Drivers with a couple clicks. No more dreading the driver hunt post recovery or re-install of operating systems.

I hate to sound cliche, but it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Download, Install, Backup Drivers. Just that simple.

Driver Detective in Action

That's Not All It Does

You wouldn't think I'd talk about just a little backup utility would you? Heck no. Driver Detective not only can backup your drivers, but it's the best Driver Update utility on the market! As simple as you can backup your drivers, you can update them to the latest version as well.

It's a free download. Check it out to see all the features!

>> Don't Let Your System Crash Before Backing Up Your Drivers! <<



Did it Backup Your Drivers?

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  • pcdriverupdate profile image

    pcdriverupdate 9 years ago from VA

    it's definately a good idea to back up drivers, especially ethernet drivers.