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Bald River Falls

Updated on April 7, 2008
Bald River Falls, picture taken by me
Bald River Falls, picture taken by me

Bald River Falls is located in scenic Tellico plains, in East Tennessee is a beautiful, and very accessable water fall. Unlike many waterfalls, this one is right off the road. It can be seen while driving past it, and there is a parking spot immediatly to the side of it. There are also hiking trails that lead to the top of the falls, a short moderate hike, not overly difficult to hike.

When facing these majestic falls, the silence of nature over comes one. Even though it is on a road, in early spring and late fall there is scant traffic in the area. The recent rains have restored this beauty of a waterfall to its full splendor.

The area is easy to access from the interstate 40, by taking the Sweetwater exit, and following the signs. These falls are also located near Indian Boundry campgrounds, as well at the Citico wilderness, and State Line offroad trails. Surrounding the area there is an abundance of wildlife including black bear, dear, russian boar, and even rumors of panthers.

Some items to be aware of, if fishing, you need a permit in addition to a fishing license and trout stamp. This area is also close to Fargap, which borders a black bear reserve. A majority of the roads are also gravel, dirt and narrow, so expect to get your car dirty if you decide to go exploring. But do be careful, cell phone signals do not work very well, and there is not much in the area. Even less once you head towards Indian Boundary and Citico.

If in East Tennessee, I would strongly suggest looking it up.


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      Ken Mills 7 years ago

      This says you need a fishing permit along with a fishing license and trout stamp. However,I am not aware of the need for a permit if you are fishing the Bald River. ????