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Bang and Olufsen Earset 2 and Earset 3

Updated on July 13, 2008

Bang and Olufsen, or B&O, is a Danish company that designs some very advanced and just beautiful looking electronic devices. They have a very unique look that uses shiny metal in a very aesthetic form. In fact, I would dare to say that if Bang and Olufsen’s products were food, they would be gourmet. Not just any gourmet, but the type eaten at a very expensive restaurant.

B&O has put out high quality audio and video products, including HDTVs, but they have recently broken into the mobile headset market with products like the Earset 2 and Earset 3.

Earset 2

The EarSet 2 is a quality earpiece that has two omni-directional microphones, and is built for correct ergonomics. It has the highest high-fidelity standards, including specially designed air vents and a bass port to ensure true voice reproduction. The acoustics designers went all out to achieve the tonal characteristics and vocal weight of the person a user is speaking to.

The microphones are designed to filter out background noise that include wind and background noise. They are even designed to understand the pauses in a conversation.

Earset 2 comes with a charger that can also double as a carrying case. Powering the unit is as easy as flipping the microphone into position. Once the Earset 2 is synced with a Bluetooth compatible device like a cellular phone, it has a simple one-button operation.

Earset 3

Unlike Earset 2, Earset 3 is not completely wireless. However, the wired function is just as good, especially in the ergonomics department. The clips can be attached to the ears for a new world in sound. This is not just designed to take calls from a mobile phone, but can be used for any headphone function, like on an MP3 player.

Like Earset 2, a lot of work was put into the acoustic sciences of these headphones. It allows you to listen to some of the surrounding sounds, but still enjoy your audio experience. In other words, you can listen to your music or audio files safely, without harmfully cutting off the rest of the world.

The Earset 3 is also made of some quality materials like brushed aluminum and other scratch-free materials. The small covers are made up of foam rubber for better sound insulation.

You should be able to get these headsets off of the B&O website. The EarSet 2 costs about $350, and the EarSet 3 costs about $200.


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