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Belkin N1 Vision Wireless Router

Updated on April 23, 2008

I think it’s getting to the point where every house has more than two computers. Usually there is one central desktop computer, and then any number of computers in each and every room, including laptops. So it stands to reason that every house needs to have some kind of Wireless Router on the central desktop computer.

Beklin has responded to consumers’ need with the N1 Vision, a router with some unique capabilities. Most routers usually come with a series of blinking lights to show if they are working, but in all honesty, most consumers don’t know what all those lights mean. Therefore, they cannot tell how their routers operate, or if they are even operating at all. The N1 Vision is aptly named vision, because a user can visibly see from the interactive network display how well it actually works.

The display on the device shows all kinds of readouts. For example, the Broadband Download Speedometer which will show you how fast your current download speed is. It will also show the usage of the past 24 hours on any wireless device connected to the N1 Vision. It also has a Guest Access Status function that will show if you are enabled or disabled.

I’m not certain if I need all of that information, but it is helpful to know how many wireless devices are connected to the router. Every time a wireless laptop is being used, it registers visibly on the N1 display screen. If you don’t need any of this information, you can just keep the Date and Time screen on and call it good.

If you never put a wireless access point in your home, you will find that installation of the N1 Vision to be very simple. All you need to do is plug in the N1, then plug in the wire from your modem into the proper port on the back. From there, you can hook up the N1 Router to one to four computers. Not only will those computers be wired to the net, but any computer that has a wireless card within range will be connected as well.

I’ve never had the opportunity of setting up an access point in my computer, and I found it to be somewhat tedious. Yet this had nothing to do with the functionality of the product, and Belkin had a 24-7 help line to get me off the ground.

The Belkin N1 Vision can be purchased on the Belkin website for about $179.99.


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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 7 years ago

      Nice, readable review. I'm going to link to this from a hub I did on WiFi USB antennas.