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Best Wii Accessories

Updated on June 12, 2008
Wii Video Game System
Wii Video Game System

Nintendo Wii Video Console and Wii Accessories Are Simply the Best!

The Nintendo Wii game console has been the hottest thing to hit the video game market since Pong or Atari or, well, the original Nintendo. The new Wii came with realistic player control and they released awesome new video games. The Wii has even interested folks who never played video games to give it a try. Many nursing homes are including Wii gaming systems to encourage the elderly to become more active playing virtual tennis, bowling, and other sports.

Nintendo Wii doesn't just stop there, however. Wii accessories for the video games are also awesome. Below are what may be considered some of the must have, best of the best Wii accessories. You can order any of these Wii accessories directly from this page at Amazon. Happy gaming!

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Nintendo Wii Charge Station

Nyko Wii Charge Station is definitely a must have Wii accessory if lots of gamers or just one serious gamer is in the house. After you've used your Wii for awhile and have to run out to get batteries every couple of days, you will appreciate a Wii charger.

The Wii charge station can charge two Wii remotes at once. It takes about 3 or 4 hours to charge the Wii remote. 2 rechargeable batteries are included. This is definitely one of the best Wii accessories to buy- a great investment for your Wii system and your bank account.

Wii Nunchuck Controller Accessory

The Wii Nunchuk controller accessory is almost a necessity for many Wii gamers. Some Wii games even require it. Serious gamers will definitely want this controller for the Wii. Some Wii gamers even use two Nintendo nunchuks at once.

The Wii remote is required to use the nunchuk controller. The Wii nunchuk simply plugs into the Wii remote. No additional batteries are needed for the Wii nunchuk accessory.

The Wii nunchuk has a joystick and two extra buttons. Use the Wii remote in one hand and the Wii nunchuk in the other for more gaming fun. The Wii nunchuk is an excellent addition to sports and shooter video games. The Wii nunchuk is a special favorite for boxing games, as it provides a more realistic experience.

Nintendo Wii Wheel

Some of my favorite video games are racing and auto games, so the Nintendo Wii driving wheel is the bomb for me. It is wireless, which I love. You need the Wii remote to use the Wii wheel.

The Nintendo wheel is simply a plastic steering wheel shape that the Wii remote slips into easily. But it really makes driving games more fun. The Nintendo wheel for Wii is ergonomically designed so that your hands don't start to cramp. This is an important feature for old games such as myself.

Playing Mario Kart with the Wii wheel is addictive. The Nintendo Wii wheel is very inexpensive. I consider it one of the best Wii accessories and wouldn't pass it up.

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