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BlackBerry 8830 World Edition

Updated on March 11, 2008

The BlackBerry is one of those internationally recognized mobile devices used for surfing the Internet, and I got to try out of the latest models, the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition.

It is called the World Edition, because it is “the first CDMA smartphone capable of roaming globally on GSM/GPRS networks”. Therefore, if you are a man or woman who travels the world, you can go anywhere without having to change your phone number, mobile unit, or your email address.

Yes, this is a phone that is targeted to the business-oriented people. Unlike other phones, which usually have the obligatory camera, the BlackBerry 8830 does not have that feature. If you want that, you’re probably going to have to get yourself the BlackBerry Pearl.

Of course, the Pearl has a different keyboard than the 8830, which allows for two-touch cellphone messaging. This is when the user only presses a number twice for a letter entry on a text message, rather than three or four times on a regular cellular phone. The 8830 has a full QWERTY, a tiny keyboard which takes some getting used to, but allows for some nice typing functions.

“Takes some getting used to” should be the operative word for the BlackBerry’s interface. It is a little difficult at first, especially when it comes to finding the menus. I found that I just kept getting lost, but I did admire the interface. The Blackberry 8830 has this tiny ball that can interface like a trackball mouse, only the user presses the ball like clicking a mouse.

The 8830 is full of great features, including a media player. You can insert a microSD into the memory slot if the built-in 64MB is not enough. I will have to say that the microSD is not easily accessible. Most mobile devices have an easy-to-use slot for inserting the extra memory, but a user has to rip off the battery cover to insert the microSD.

Other features include the organizer, as well as the corporate data access, a way for a user to receive vital corporate databases from anywhere. Another valuable feature is the BlackBerry Maps, a navigation device for the road that works via GPS. The BlackBerry 8830 also has Bluetooth capability and it is possible to use the phone as a wireless modem.

The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition is available in black, red, or silver. The price is about $399.99, but it can be purchased from Verizon with a $100 discount and two-year contract.


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    • profile image

      The Blue Dot 8 years ago

      Our web store offers unbeatable deals on this model and other Blackberry phones like these.

    • profile image

      jim 9 years ago

      i need to unlock a us cellular cdma 8830 - any good vendors to work with on this?

    • Blackberry9000 profile image

      Blackberry9000 9 years ago

      I have this phone and its my first blackberry. I would NEVER go back to anything else!