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Borneo 101

Updated on September 24, 2012

101 About Borneo

Borneo Express is a resource portal dedicated to publish articles on Borneo ranging from its tourism, multi-culture, people of Borneo, rainforest, flora and fauna.

Borneo Tourism

Borneo is well-known for her eco-tourism with beautiful and exotic wildlife and marine parks. Visit Borneo to exprience its truely amazing adventurer's paradise from unspoilt tropical rainforest to traditional longhouse.

Get dirty in Borneo

Mountaineering, caving, scuba diving, jungle trekking, conservation expedition, 4x4 off-road trailling. Borneo got it all.

Culture and People of Borneo

With multiple ethnic groups, Borneo show case a diverse culture and harmonic living.

Dance of Borneo

Flora and fauna of Borneo

This article showcases a selection of the diverse plant and wildlife found in the island of Borneo. Below are the flora and fauna unique to Borneo, and totally protected by law:

Orang Utan of Borneo

Rafflesia of Borneo

Nepenthes Pitcher Plants

Heart of Borneo

Three countries, one conservation vision. Check out WWF multimedia presentation.

Borneo National Parks

Natural preservation and conservation are important to the goverment and people of Borneo. As such, many unspoilt areas have been gazetted into National Parks.

Mount Kinabalu National Park

Bako National Park

Gunung Gading National Park

Kubah National Park

More Borneo National Parks ...

Economy and Industry

A quick guide to the economy and industry of Borneo.

Borneo in Pictures

A pictorial glimpse of Borneo.

Annual in Borneo 2008

List of major events in Borneo scheduled for 2008. Check it out. See past events: 2007

Borneo Public Holiday index

List of gazetted Public Holiday for Borneo slotted for 2007.

Interesting Places in Borneo

Places of interest that you can visit (and sightseeing) while in Borneo.

Quick Sight Seeing in Borneo

Regions of Borneo

Borneo is considered to be part of the geographic region of Southeast Asia. It is divided into states governed by three countries namely Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Brunei Darulsalam and Indonesia (Kalimantan). Borneo offers an excellent opportunity to experience the native exotic culture, warmth and friendly hospitality along with nature at its best.

Kampung Pueh Homestay Programme, Lundu

Who's Who's in Borneo

The quick rollcall of Who's Who's in Borneo.

WiFi Hotspots in Borneo

Don't think Borneo is all jungle and rain. Get connected, update your blog and impress your friend. Before that, locate the WiFi Hot Spots here.

To Share about Borneo

Borneo is an Island which is divided into three administration region that is:

1. The state of Sarawak, Sabah and Labuan is in Malaysia

2. The Sultanate of Brunei is by itself

3. Kalimantan is in Indonesia

All the three region have their own administrative governing rule and laws. Although the three region is divided by rule and laws, but the Island have similar culture and tradition, which is distinctive by its longhouses, extensively depending on bamboo structure, and tattoo's.

Today, Borneo is still in its pristine with it's natural flora and fauna. One web-page that I think give the best about Borneo is So, just have your time to explore Borneo.


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