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Boynq iCube II iPod Dock

Updated on November 1, 2007

Although most music playing products such as stereos come iPod ready, the average customer might not be ready to throw down a few hundred dollars for a brand new, iPod compatible, music system. I assume this would be the primary audience for the iCube II, a new iPod integrated docking station from Boynq.

I suppose the secondary audience would be an iPod owner who wants to play the music without the headphones, and doesn’t want to invest too much money in something too loud. A good example of this would be a college student or someone living an apartment with thin walls.

The iCube II has made things to please every customer. The design, for example, is a first plus. The volume knob has a wonderful colored light that create an interesting lighting aesthetic. Also, I’m sure this is pretty obvious, but the iCube is not a perfect cube. However, I am not complaining. It’s curvaceous top and bottom allow it to be a perfect fit in any room, and it comes in two colors: purple and black. In fact, I believe the black is “pour home” (French for “for men”) and the purple is “pour femme” (for women). I’m not certain if that is a little sexist, because I, being a man, had no problem with the purple, which is really more of a lavender, really.

But all sexism allusions and diversions aside, you have to admire the speakers on the sides. It reminds me of the speaker covers of portable music players back in the sixties and seventies, before someone decided that circular boom box speakers were going to be the new standard of quality sound. Believe it or not, these speakers put out a lot more sound than what it looks. These side speakers must have some great design in order to fill any room with the quality sound that they do.

It doesn’t take long before any iPod user can get to that sound, either. The iCube II involves very little setup. Just plug in the AC cord, then plug in the iPod. It includes several adapters, so don’t worry, your iPod will fit.

Not only that, your iPod will also be charged. Fortunately, the iCube II allows both charging and listening. This is a definite step up from the first iCube, as is the tiny boost in the midrange.

Also featured on the iCube II is an A/V output which is able to connect to any stereo system, allowing for even bigger and better sound. Right now, the Boynq iCube II is available for about $49 USD, and it is definitely worth it.


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    • profile image

      dan 8 years ago

      hi. i just bought it, and my ipod nano 4th generation says it doesn't support this charging accesory!!! help please. (my ipod is also called ipod chromatic) also the only way to play music is to use the line in cable thingy.

    • profile image

      Bob 8 years ago

      Great, but does not seem compatable with itouch... It plays audio great, but doesn't charge.

    • profile image

      mike 9 years ago

      this is wonderful try some great features on this...


    • profile image

      hi my name is bob 10 years ago

      hi. i'm five

    • profile image

      Miranda 10 years ago

      I recently bought one of these iCubes and I am VERY impressed. The sound quality is amazing! I've tried several docking stations before this, and they all ended up on eBay. This one is DEFINITELY a keeper.