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Brando Generic Mobile Phone Telescope

Updated on November 1, 2007

In order to report on the Generic Mobile Phone Telephone from Brando, there are a few facts that will serve as a caveat emptor for this particular product. Despite the fact that the Mobile Phone Telescope is labeled as “generic”, it does not work on all cellular phones.

However, this fact should not be held against it, and I highly recommend that you keep reading, for the Generic Mobile Phone Telescope does work, and work well. The problem is, it will not work on a phone that is a slider or clamshell (flip phone). However, if the camera lens on your cellphone is on one side, and the viewing screen is on the other, there is a good chance that the Generic Mobile Phone Telescope will work for you.

The reason of this incompatibility is the plastic frame that is used to mount the 7x18 lens onto the cellphone. It works with some clips that do a good job of holding on and adjusting to certain mobile phones, but will not line up or fit on phones that flip or slide to take pictures.

In other words, unless your phone is a candybar model (no sliding or flipping necessary to take a picture) the Generic Mobile Phone Telescope from Brando will not work. However, if you have one, it is a good deal at $22 from Brando.

As you know, most cell phone cameras have a problems with their pictures. Subjects taken by cell phone cameras tend to end up looking as if they are far away when taken, resulting in a far-sighted effect. The Generic Mobile Phone Telescope can eliminate this problem, and can do shots from far away.

There are phones that have been tested to work with the Brando Generic Mobile Phone Telescope. If you have one of these types, the Brando Generic Mobile Phone Telescope is a sound investment.

· Nokia N70

· Nokia N73

· Nokia N95

· Nokia 3500 Classic

· Sony Ericsson K810i

· Sony Ericsson W810i

· HTC P4350 / HTC Herald / Dopod C800 / Dopod C858 / Vodafone VPA Compact IV

· ASUS P535

· HTC Cavalier / HTC S630 / SoftBank X02HT / Dopod C730

· HTC P3600 / HTC Trinity / Dopod D810 / Dopod CHT 9100 / Qtek P3600 / Orange SPV M700 / Vodafone VPA Compact GPS

· Blackberry Pearl 8100


· O2 xda Atom Life

· Treo 750v

· ASUS P525

· Treo 680

· HTC Touch / HTC P3450 / Dopod S1 / O2 XDA Nova / T-Mobile MDA touch

· Motorola A1000

· HTC Vox / HTC S710 / Dopod C500 / Vodafone VDA V / Orange SPV E650

· i-mate SP5m / i-mate SP5 / Qtek 8300 / Qtek 8310 / Dopod 577w / Dopod 586w / O2 xda IQ / O2 xda Orion / HTC Tornado / HTC Tempo

· O2 XDA Atom

· iPAQ rw6800 series

· Palm Zire72

· Qtek s110 / Dopod 828 / Orange SPV M500 / i-Mate Jam Black / HTC Migician Refresh / Vodafone VPA Compact / i-Mate New Jam

· iPAQ hw6500 series

· Blackberry Curve 8300

· Asus P526

· HP iPAQ 512

· Eten glofiish x500

· i-Mate SPL

· Most mobile phone and PDAs


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