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Breaking News - Pre-chewed Food gave HIV to kids

Updated on March 25, 2013

Unfortunately, people always learn by example and the examples are usually from a disastrous situation. For example, we didn't stop letting our young children sit in the front seat of our cars until we found out that air bags had the possibility of killing them. There is always some type of traumatic experience that occurs before the light bulb comes on. Here again we are faced with a lesson learned only by example. We've all heard that HIV couldn't be transmitted orally. Then we heard that there is a possibility that HIV could be transmitted during oral sex. In a recent "presentation in Boston at a scientific conference", it's been determined that pre-chewed food may have transmitted the HIV virus to children.


There are at least three known cases where there is a connection to pre-chewed food and HIV in the USA. CDC officials are now trying to inform parents and caregiver of the possibilities of transmitting this disease. Both child and parent or caregiver would've had to have mouth sores and/or periodical disease (bleeding gums). CDC officials are positively saying that it was blood, not saliva that transmitted the HIV virus.

First Case:

In 1993, a 15-month-old boy from Miami was in his great-aunt's care. She was infected with the HIV virus. She pre-chewed food and feed it to him, thus transmitted the disease to him.

Second Case:

In 1995, a 3-year-old Caribbean-American boy was infected by his mother. She was also diagnosed with the HIV virus and had previously pre-chewed food for him.

Third Case:

In 2004, a third but similar case where a 9-month-old girl was infected by her mother. The mother reported feeding the child pre-chewed food when the girl was about 4-months-old. The mother also had HIV.

It hasn't been confirmed but it's said that pre-chewing has brought about different infections before. Some known cases, but not confirmed, are Helicobacter pylori (bacteria that causes stomach problems) and streptococcal pharyngitis (sore throat). CDC officials are saying that it's still too early to make a statement to stop pre-chewing food for your children. Again, there are only three known cases.

Every mother at some point and time has pre-chewed food for their baby, kissed their baby in the mouth, cleansed a pacifier with there own saliva. All of these conditions could have the potential to be unsafe and unhealthy if the mother\caregiver has a disease and/or infection in or around the mouth. Please take precaution. Although there are only three cases, one case is too many.

HIV Replication 3D Animation


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    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 9 years ago

      This is fascinating and important for people to know. Very good video. We are learning a lot about the transmission of this virus, and must be made aware of basic safety procedures. If we support those who work together in Africa to find solutions, then this will help people stricken with this deadly disease all around the world. I have posted some information about a homeopath doing healing work in Africa with AIDS patients.

    • writerlady profile image

      writerlady 10 years ago from South

      I'm a 70s baby. I'm not sure if I was feed pre-chewed food or not.

      The research read that it was mostly poor families that pre-chewed food and feed it to there young kids. Isn't that a terrible thought?

    • aprilkerr profile image

      aprilkerr 10 years ago from UK

      I would never have thought of pre-chewing food. I'm glad it was never fed to me!

    • Theophanes profile image

      Theophanes 10 years ago from New England

      Why would you prechew food? Do these caregivers not have a blender or a banana and a fork?? Disturbing on a level I didn't expect...