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Build Youtube Clone Site

Updated on March 27, 2008 started in year 2004 become 2nd most popular web site on internet. Youtube allowed its visitors to upload video created by them and watch video online. If some one want to show a film on YouTube, they don't have to mess about with video standards. Just upload your film and the web site does all the heavy lifting. Once video uploaded, they will get lot of views depending on how good the video is. This created new video and viral video marketing.

After the huge success, Google have brought youtube for YouTube for $1.65bn (£883m) in shares. With the huge success of youtube, many similar site start appearing online like yahoo video, google video, dailymotion, voha, etc... Most successful video sharing site get lot of visits per day and able to convert these users to huge profits.

You can start your own video sharing web site like youtube with out large investment. To start a new web site, you need to get programmers and get them to do what you need, this can take more than 6 months to finish depending on features you need.

To start your own video sharing site, there is ready made script available to do this. vShare Youtube Clone script allow you to start video sharing site like youtube. You can see demo of this script at

Try uploading your own video and see how it works. The script only cost $10, you can buy it from

The script converts user uploaded video to FLV format for streaming through Flash player just like youtube and similar video sharing sites.

vShare Video Sharing Script

vShare Youtube clone script from
vShare Youtube clone script from


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  • profile image

    bizhat 9 years ago

    Video sites take lot of bandwidth and web space, also need special web hosting with ffmpeg like - you will need a dedicated server with unmetered bandwidth if your site get lot of traffic.

  • mtsandeep profile image

    mtsandeep 9 years ago from india

    How will be the cost of hosting the site, ther will be gigs of videos from users. Will this need a dediceted server with high bandwidth and space?????